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ABBYY PDF Transformer

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activePDF DocConverter

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activePDF PDFPrint

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activePDF Printer

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Easy-to-use yet powerful
activePDF DocConverter
With activePDF PDFPrint, you
activePDF Printer enables you
utility that combines PDF
dynamically converts over
can automatically invoke the
to dynamically construct
conversion and PDF creation
280 file formats directly to
printing of a web-accessible
PDFs using content from any
functionalities. The product
PDF. An add-in for activePDF
PDF from the user's browser
source. With Printer's
accurately transforms any
Server, DocConverter
to any printer on the
inherent printer object and
type of PDF file into
natively supports Microsoft
network by passing an embed
table-based creation
editable formats like
Word, Excel, PPT, and Word
tag (including the user's
principles, you can easily
Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML
Perfect. Includes directory
default printer). By setting
build reports and other
or TXT and retains layout if
scanning and a COM interface.
a few parameters, you can
documents, while maintaining
needed. You can generate PDF
make the entire process
precise control of your PDF
files directly from a
transparent to the user.
Microsoft Word document,
Excel spreadsheet,
PowerPoint presentation or
Visio diagram and create PDF
files from any Windows
application using a PDF
printer driver.

Date: Sep, 06 2006

Date: Jan, 30 2003

Date: Jan, 30 2003

Date: Jan, 30 2003
activePDF Server is a
activePDF Spooler is a COM
activePDF Toolkit's
activePDF WebGrabber
combination of COM Object
component and service that
programmable COM object
dynamically renders HTML to
and NT Service capable of
allows you to automatically
simplifies PDF manipulation,
PDF. Capable of either
redirecting output from
redirect PDF output to any
affording full control over
capturing POST data or
virtually any server-based
printer on your network.
the organization's PDF
converting raw HTML
Windows application to PDF.
Call the Spooler component
output. Licensed per server,
directly, WebGrabber affords
With over 75 properties and
programmatically from any
Toolkit allows your users to
you full control over
methods available from its
language that supports COM
append, stamp, stitch,
headers, footers and page
unique COM interface,
and you can deliver output
merge, form-fill, secure
breaks, making it even
activePDF Server provides
from your application
PDFs and more, without any
easier to turn your existing
users full control over
directly to the user's
per-user fees.
web application into a PDF
their PDF output on a
printer, without any manual
reporting engine.
job-by-job basis.

Date: Jan, 30 2003

Date: Jan, 30 2003

Date: Jan, 30 2003

Date: Jan, 30 2003
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