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Qucik Shopping Cart

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PayPal Shop Builder

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Quick Shopping Cart makes it
A comprehensive list of
Payment Linker will create a
With PayPal Shop Builder you
easy to create your own
payment solutions and
custom payment link that can
can build your HTML-based
online store in just
essential information
simply be copied and pasted
online shop without the need
minutes! Reach millions of
everyone should should know
into an email or a web site!
of learning how to integrate
eBay® and Froogle™ shoppers,
before application for a
When it is clicked on, the
PayPal. You can quickly
accept credit cards and much
merchant account. Comparison
user will be taken to
and easily work with your
more. No technical expertise
and search of Internet,
PayPal.com to make the
product information directly
required! In just six easy
Retail, MOTO Merchant
specified payment. A
in PayPal Shop Builder and
steps, you can build and
Accounts, Gateways, Check,
real time-saver for you or
create your product catalog
publish a stand-alone store
Mobile, Micropayment
your customers! The Payment
PayPal-enabled with built-in
or add one to an existing
Processing Services and
Linker will also remember
JavaScript Shopping Cart,
Web site - no matter where
other US, UK, Europe and
the information that you
PayPal Buy Now Button or
it's hosted. In just six
Internationally based
entered before so you don't
standard PayPal Shopping
easy steps, build and
payment solutions and
have to keep typing it in
Cart. The generated pages
publish a stand-alone store
services for business.
each time you need a PayPal
for the storefront are pure
or add one to an existing
eCommerce Scripts and
link created. Payment
HTML and JavaScript, you can
Web site - no matter where
Programs directory, reviews
Linker is truly handy tool
publish them to virtually
it's hosted. Build it with
and ranks. Barcode
for those who often request
any server or even on a CD.
the easy-to-use Wizard;
Generators, Ordering
payment from others in an
Within minutes your site
customize it with your own
Systems, Billing Systems,
email or from a web site.
will be able to accept
product photos and images;
Credit Card Processing and
credit card payment through
increase sales by offering
PayPal systems, Shopping
PayPal. PayPal Shop
coupons and accepting all
Carts, Online Catalogs and
Builder 2 supports
major credit cards (as well
much more.
sophisticated custom
as PayPal™); launch your
shipping, tax and discount
store in a snap with
calculation as well as
one-click publishing; even
PayPal item-based shipping,
integrate your store with
tax and handling. It also
QuickBooks® and MUCH MORE!
support Instant Payment
Unlike the competition, our
Notification (IPN) and
pricing structure is free
Payment Data Transfer (PDT)
from 'monthly fee +
using server-side scripting
percentage of transaction
fee.' You simply pay the fee
listed above... that's it.

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Date: Aug, 14 2006
Create e-commerce Web Store.
DataFeedFile.com downloads
zr5.us ebay rss creation
One of the biggest stumbling
No CGI, Java, or scripting
data feed file from hundreds
tool. Very stable usable
blocks for people who want
skills are needed. No
of Merchants at least once a
ebay rss creation utility.
to start their own,
server-side software is
day. Downloaded data are
You may view the javascript
profitable Internet business
required. No monthly fees
imported, organized,
output on the right side of
is a lack of business
for your store builder. No
categorized and matched our
coolanyard.com all our ebay
ideas...Or maybe you already
product limits. Any
Internal Products Database.
auctions are updated
have a web site, but you
currency. Built-in search
Imported data are indexed
automatically on our
would like to add some NEW
engine. Shopping Cart
into our clustered search
website. The zr5.us is a
revenue streams. if you are
System store builder is an
server to provide quick and
free tool to use and enjoy.
thinking about starting an
e-commerce solution software
accurate shopping search
Internet business, I highly
for creating Web Store to be
engine functionality. For
recommend you check out my
posted on the Internet. The
affiliates and webmasters,
#1 best-selling Internet
purpose of this store
you only need to learn how
marketing course.
builder is to provide an
to use our HTML Codes and
easy-to-use interface that
customize it to seamlessly
automatic creates all the
display our HTML Codes
HTML files necessary to run
results within your web site.
your store. SCS is
compatible with Pay Pal.
No CGI, Java, or scripting
skills are needed No
server-side software is
required. This is not a
rental shopping cart
service! No monthly fees
for your store builder No
product limits Free to use
with any hosting service
Any currency Built-in
search engine Build
unlimited stores (Perfect
for Webmasters) Credit card
processing company support
Database to store your
orders (USA Sat SSL)
Discounts Table E-mail
receipt sent to customer etc

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Date: May, 09 2006
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