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If you've got a website, you
A simple Web site access
If you have a website, you'll
StatsSheet is a free
need Stat Dude! Stat Dude is
statistics service featuring
love the free web counter
reliable, detailed web based
a free yet reliable, fully
monthly / daily / hourly
offered by Stats Rely. It's
stats service. You simply
functional, real-time web
statistics displayed in
your all in one web stats
insert a peice of code in
tracker. See where your
graphical formats.
tool for monitoring all your
all the pages you want stats
visitors are coming from in
web site's internet traffic
tracked for. You can have
real-time, no need to wait
activities. Best of all,
the counter be invisible or
days to see last weeks stats.
it's completely FREE with
you can have a visible
counter. With features like
insert a few lines of code
full visitor paths this tool
into your web site and
is great for tracking how
you'll be able to display a
people use your site. It
live visible counter or opt
also includes a inLive
for an invisible counter. In
feature that shows you who
a matter of a few minutes
is currently on your site.
you'll have a comprehensive
web site statistics
application to track your
website's traffic.

Date: Feb, 15 2005

Date: Jul, 19 1999

Date: Oct, 02 2006

Date: May, 19 2005
SuperStats is a powerful,
New! Now version 1.21.
Get a free hit counter &
Free web stats service
free web page statistic
SuperStatZ gathers freely
statistics for your
provides numerous real-time
service to help you track
available data and uses
website. Features;
statistics designed to tell
traffic patterns, visitor
various queries to present
multiple counter styles,
Webmasters the "who,
profiles, and marketing
this data in many useful
multiple site tracking,
what, when, and where"
effectiveness of your web
ways. Features: visitor
traffic stats by hour, day,
of every visit. The service
site. SuperStats tracks your
path/history, search words
month and year, referrer
is completely free and
stats for as long as you
and terms, the ability to
stats by url, domain and url
unlike many other services
have an account, and you can
custom track particular
by domain, search engine and
out there it does not
track as many web pages as
referrers in order to wisely
keyword stats from major
require you to display any
you wish. Its exclusive
use advertising dollars,
search engines and system
banners or advertisements.
reports include: Site
PPC/CPC (Pay Per Click /Cost
statistics like browser,
traffic reports, Visitor
Per Click) Tracking, unique
operating system, screen
profile reports, and
and total visits to every
resolution and more.
Marketing reports.
page on your web, complete
history on any visitor, easy
referrer comparisons using
any date range and much
more. Know how your visitors
are using each page of your
site. New! We have added
date functions to most pages
to allow users to view only
a particular time frame.
Also added is an individual
visitors section, showing
how they got to your site,
including search terms if
applicable, and then the
full path of the visit. Our
clients are giving us raving
reviews, stating our product
is far superior to others
which cost even three times
more! An excellent
Value. Note: For the
lodging industry, we now
have a tie in with
Webervations to help track
directly most reservation

Date: Nov, 05 1999

Date: Feb, 01 2005

Date: Sep, 15 2006

Date: Oct, 16 2002
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