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Know how many backlinks and
ServuStats is a free
Get a free counter for your
This free, all-in-one
indexed pages your site have
statistics service for your
website that shows exactly
SiteRankMonitor will check
in the biggers search engines
site. Simple insert a piece
how many users are online at
your site for: Google
of code in your page, log in
the same time. No
PageRank, Alexa Traffic
to your account and receive
registration is required and
Rank, Presence in top web
detailed graphical analysis
you can start using your
directories including DMOZ
of your webpage visitors.
users online counter
and Zeal, Number of indexed
pages in top search engines,
Number of inbound links and
Link Popularity rating in
top search engines,
including Google, Yahoo!,
MSN, AlltheWeb, Altavista,
and Teoma (Ask Jeeves). Also
it checkes the Number of
outbound links and their
status ( 200, 404, 401,
etc.) and other useful
stats. It also helps you to
find broken links, or
working links on any page in
your site. All this can be
done by a single mouse click.

Date: Aug, 03 2006

Date: Feb, 06 2002

Date: Oct, 25 2005

Date: Nov, 01 2005
SiteSpotting is an online web
This remotely hosted script
Easy to use, easy to
Just insert a simple piece of
statistics service that
allows you to see what links
understand, yet powerful Web
html code into your web
offers you accurate and
on your site people use to
statistics in real-time.
page's source code and you
dependable statistical
get to other sites.
Free for up to 5000 monthly
are ready to go! In
analysis about your website.
Basically, it counts the
page views.
addition to being an easy to
This tool offers you a
clicks on external links.
use, Stat Hunter can be used
series of statistical
with any web site design
reports ranging from web
technology, including html,
traffic analysis reports to
javascript, php,
marketing campaign analysis
dreamweaver, or flash. Even
reports. More specifically
if you already have a hit
some aspects you can get
counter, you can add Stat
information about are:
Hunter to your web site
- Visitor trend reports -
without having to install
Online visitor monitoring
anything. You can be up and
- Demographics analysis -
running in minutes, without
Referrers and keywords
needing to be a webmaster or
analytics - Path analysis
IT expert. And best of all,
and visitor behaviour -
it's Free! View your web
Page analysis -
stats in your own language.
Client/Browser specifics
At the moment we support
- Sales and marketing
analysis Whether you
erman,Spanich More languages
want to monitor your website
will be added soon.
traffic, identify visitor
trends or keep track of your
marketing campaigns,
SiteSpotting is here to
offer you all the
information you need about
these and many more aspects
of your website’s
functionality. Simply sign
up to our services and let
SiteSpotting do all the rest
- It's time to stop guessing
and time to start using
SiteSpotting – the most
trusted website statistics

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Date: Oct, 22 1999

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Nov, 06 2006
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