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Free remotely hosted web
Advanced & easy to use
Free, fast, easy-to-create
Sign up for our free poll
polls solution. Create polls
Survey software for both
SelectPoll.com polls include
service!Our polls are fast,
to allow your visitors to
professional and beginner.
unique demographic analysis
free and fun!All that you
answer your questions. All
The online interface makes
function (analyze how people
need is a website. Our
you need to do is copy &
it so easy to create and
voted by age, gender,
features include instant
paste few lines of HTML code
generate surveys within
location and timeframe);
account creation, and
into your web page.
minutes. No HTML coding
choice of style, color,
completely customizable .
Web-based user interface
required, just
font; your own
allows you to create a web
'copy &
individualized cut &
poll in minutes.
paste' to web
paste graphic; vote before
page(s) or send to customers
viewing results requirement;
via email. Whether you are
duplicate voting essentially
looking to create a simple
eliminated. More interesting
one page form or a complex
polls are featured on our
multi-page questionnaire
with advanced branching and
routing logic the AbExtra
Survey system Makes it Easy
for you. Try for Free

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Got stuff on your site that
There is no software to
Pliner.Net Polls is a
Sign up for this free poll
can be rated? Articles,
install and no applications
platform independent
service today. Setup a poll
poems, photos, products,
to download. We provide you
solution for your web poll
in seconds and let your
people? Icemelon's iRate!
with a few lines of
processing needs. It has a
visitors vote on your site.
allows you to easily rate
customized code that you
simple no experience
Up to 25 different poll`s at
anything on your site--and
simply copy and paste onto
required interface that is
the same time! This is a
it's completely free!
your selected web
geared towards users of all
great way to go into your
Incorporating iRate!
pages. Our hosted surveys
skill levels. Adding a
poll questions much deeper
into your site is quick and
appear in automatic pop-up
hosted poll on your web site
then just with 1 poll.
easy. For each page that you
windows on your selected web
is as easy as linking to a
Layout can be changed really
would like to rate, simply
pages for randomly selected
single URL. Polls are
easy with your favorite html
add 1 line of HTML. From the
website visitors. Or, you
customizable and allow you
editor to match your site.
online control panel, you
can deploy our customized
to select 2d or 3d bar or
will be able to easily track
survey links that attract
pie graphs. You can also
the ratings of your items.
website visitors to take
choose to keep results
Furthermore, you can
your online survey and are
secret so only you can view
seamlessly add "top
integrated with your
the results. Polls include
lists" to your site.
existing login/registration
cookie based visitor
E.g. "Top 10 AIM
tracking to prevent multiple
votes and cheating.
"This Week's 5 Most
Wacky Photos,"
"Least Devious
Fiends," etc.

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