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The Newgie.com news content
NewsPHP is the market leader
Create a news board for your
Provide your site visitors
JavaScript makes it easy to
among the WYSIWYG online
site. Add the code to your
with content that updates by
bring news headlines into
publishing suites.
pages and display your site
the minute. Give them the
your website. In three
Deservedly so. It is a
news to your visitors
opportunity to learn about
steps you can have headlines
matter of minutes, not hours
instantly. Update the news
current affairs and news
from thousands of popular
or days, to create a fully
board at any time without
straight from your web site.
news providers on your
functional online magazine,
having to alter the code on
You don't have to do
site: (1) Browse the
newspaper or a TV, radio
your website! You may
anything - this content
Newgie.com RSS Feed
portal using newsPHP. Add to
customize the colors of the
updates itself!
Directory at for the
that outstanding customer
text and the size of the
category of news that you
support, reliability
text. Width of the news
desire. (2) The click on
guaranteed by the years of
board can also be configured
the RSS button to access the
successful operation and you
to suit your needs.
resources for that category.
can guess why our
(3) Scoll down to the
testimonials are full of
Java section. Simply copy
gratitude from the satisfied
and paste the JavaScript
customers. To further
into your site. Visit
tailor our great product
Newgie.com by clicking on
towards your needs, we have
the link provided for more
packaged NewsPHP as several
offerings. We offer it in
two flavors: branded and
default. Branded package
features customer-specific
branding on the front page
and admin panel. Lower-end,
more effordable package
carries newsphp branding.

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Add the latest news, from
Manage up to 3 News Modules
Scripthost.Ewayang.Com News
If you have blogged with the
almost any news feed or news
on the same account You
Manager features can modify
best and need some rest then
server in the world,
choose what you really want
the outlook/design of the
come to us. From complete
directly into your own
for News Design ( Fonts,
news manager, options to
template control to extreme
website. Just choose your
colors ... ) Just one
display up to 10 news,
user blog management
news feed and scrolling
Javascript line of code to
options to use HTML tags and
options, we offer blog
style! The software is
insert in your pages to
smileys in news, options to
hosting for the extreme who
remotely hosted on our
publish it You can
activate message floods (
appreciate and need and want
servers, so there is no need
Enable or not comments for
users can't post X numbers
complete control over every
to download or install
your News with possibility
of message per hours ) and
aspect of their
anything. Get your own web
to manually validate them or
display the news manger in
blog. **WARNING** Not for
reader today, you can have
not Just try it, it is
just one line of html code
the novice user! We are too
it up and running in 3
consist of javascript.
extreme, Enter only if you

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