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Guestbook for your site

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Our service allows you to
Do you want to add more
Do you have a website or a
All guestbooks are free,
create your own Guest book
interactive on your web
blog and would like to have
highly customizable and have
for your web site in 3
site? Do you want to be
a guestbook so your users
first class spam protection.
minutes. This website
closer to your visitors? Add
can leave comments? If that
You can even enforce spam
component give chance for
the guestbook on your site!
is so WebmasterJohn.com has
protection by adding a
mutal communication and you
Just register & place a
just what you are looking
captcha image or block words
will better recognize an
link on your site to your
for. You can get a free
and IP addresses. Enjoy
opinions of your visitors.
guestbook. We will do the
guestbook for you website in
the great set of options to
Flexible design our
rest part! Unlimited Numbers
just minutes. This guestbook
make your guestbook fir in
guestbook will adapt to your
of Messages for Each
can be customized to match
with your site's design
website and will not be
Guestbook, Administrative
your sites look and feel so
perfectly. Guestbooks are
obstructed with any
Control Panel, CSS Support,
that your users can see it
ad free and the only
advertisement. The service
is a part of your site and
commercials shown are on the
is hosted on our servers,
domain for your guestbook.
it will not stick out like a
admin page.
there is no need to download
No CGI-BIN directory
sore thumb, like the ones
or install anything.
required. No HTML knowledge
that you can get from other
Register for a 30-day free
required. Comments spam
protection added.

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Date: Oct, 17 2006

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Date: Oct, 10 2006
Get a free guestbook for your
Visitors can leave a message
How much traffic do you get
At freegb.org you can get a
website or blog. Lets users
in your free guestbook. You
in a month? With our
free guestbook for your
tell you what they think of
can choose from a few good
Guestbook page service for
website. The visitors of
your site. You can
looking templates, or you
your website, you get an
your site can leave a
change timezone, background,
can choose the colors you
easy to use Guestbook. Join
message on this guestbook.
link and text colors.
want. There is spam
now for free and have your
You can also use your
Changing the font face and
protection, emoticons,
link page up and running in
guestbook as a forum or
size, table properties and
ubbcode, unlimited number of
seconds. ITS FREE!!!!
newsgroup for example. What
the message separator is no
messages. No PHP&MySQL
has freegb.org got to offer?
problem. You can create your
knowledge needed.
We offer you an easy-to-use,
own custom questions, edit
completely free of charge
and delete user entries.
powerful guestbook with lots
The guestbook also
of options!
features several automatic
anti-spam measures.
Including a captcha image.

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Date: Aug, 17 2006
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