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Offers free web-based bug
AboutFace enables companies
tracking, timesheet, and
to deploy a set of intranet
project management software
resources to make their
designed for team
workplaces more efficient
and more friendly. AboutFace
consists of the following
integrated components:
Employee "Yellow
Pages" - a knowledge
management tool that enables
employees to identify and
locate colleagues with
particular skills,
expertise, or experience;
Employee "White
Pages" - a replacement
for paper-based phone and
address lists that also
incorporates instant
messaging and dynamic,
online floor plans; and
Employee "Face
Book" - a photo
directory of all of a
company's employees,
designed to foster a
friendly working
environment. AboutFace
customers include the law
firms of Brown, Rudnick,
Freed & Gesmer; Hill
& Barlow; and Willkie,
Farr & Gallagher;
technology companies
DigitalThink and Sonexis;
Johnson & Johnson; as
well as a number of other
organizations nationally and
internationally. AboutFace
is available for Windows,
Unix, as well as over the
Internet as an ASP service.

Date: May, 21 2003

Date: Aug, 22 2001
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