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Safe Mail

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Availanet provides hosted
No software to install, no
Safe Mail is a service that
Email is a form of personal,
business and personal email
changes to make. Simply
allows everyone to create
private communication.
on your own domain at
sign-up and enjoy a clean
their own email image within
Sentinare is here to restore
extremely competitive
mailbox. Our automated
seconds. Just enter an email
order and integrity to your
prices. Our unique
cleaning software visits
address, customize the font
inbox. We will never subject
dual-stage antivirus
your mailbox multiple times
and you're done! Safe Mail
our customers to
(included with every
per hour and
generates the image for you,
advertisements or use their
Availanet mailbox) is the
"cleans" it of
no technical knowledge is
email content for profit.
best-in-class to protect
unwanted messages, based
required. Spam is
Keeping communications
your desktops from email
solely on your custom
filling up your inbox and
private and secure is our
born viruses! Our
preferences. Restrict or
it's all your own fault. You
number one priority! Enjoy
dual-stage spam detection
permit any type of email
placed your email address on
the benefits of email again
and elimination keeps
message. Filtered email can
your website or on a message
with 1GB storage space,
garbage to a minimum and
be deleted, or safely
board, for a spambot to
spam-free email, virus
lets each user set their
preserved for later review
find. A spambot is a program
protection, web-based
tolerance for advertising
from any web browser -
designed to collect, or
quarantine area, IMAP &
messages. Feature packed
outside your mailbox. And,
harvest, email addresses
POP support.
webmail lets mobile
you can manage filtered
from the Internet in order
workforces stay in touch
messages right from your
to build mailing lists for
wherever they are. With no
email client, using our
sending unsolicited email,
limits on the number of
Filtered Message Summary
also known as spam. A
mailboxes and no meters on
spambot can gather email
the bandwidth, Availanet
addresses from web sites,
provides powerful email
newsgroups, and chat-room
hosting solutions without
conversations. Because email
any surprises at billing
addresses have a distinctive
format, spambots are easy to
write. Prevent your
email address from being
caught by masking it as an
image. A spambot can't read
the contents of an image.

Date: Sep, 15 2004

Date: Jan, 05 2004

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: May, 03 2004
SuperDomains Email Hosting is
a service that provides
remotely hosted email with
all the usual features such
as POP3, Webmail, SMTP
Server, IMAP (optional) and
a large 10MB Mailbox.
Additional Space costs
$2.50/year per 5MB.

Date: Aug, 18 2003
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