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MangoBery Website Solution

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Maintain your html based
eSitesBuilder is your
DotNetNuke is a Content
MangoBery allows web site
complete web site building
Management System that
maintainers to easily expand
You can add images, upload
and hosting solution,
provides a simple to use
and develop the content of
files, delete files and edit
providing everything you
framework to update the
their website through the
webpages in a visual
need - professional-quality
information you change
use of interactive web
interface. Very useful,
web design templates,
regularly on your website.
pages. MangoBery provides
add this to your bookmarks.
content management system,
It was developed as an Open
newsdesk features (including
ad-free hosting, and
Source hybrid of the IBuySpy
commenting), user
ecommerce - to build a
Portal. We offer sites to
registration, user-submitted
really professional looking
our customers already setup.
news articles, advanced
web site with rich
We offer a free 2-day trial
content management features,
to test out all the features
highly customizable visual
and if you like, we offer a
appearance, and an easy to
hosted solution for only $10
understand interface.
a month.

Date: Sep, 07 2004

Date: Aug, 19 2004

Date: Aug, 19 2004

Date: Jun, 28 2004
GenB web cms (content
Site builder with 200
Topline specializes in
Think Computer Whiteboard is
management system) is a
editable designs, 500 free
providing you and your
an easy-to-use content
service of applications to
photos, Links page, Photo
customers access to Trellix
management system designed
facilitate to the Web
album, Audio & video,
SiteBuilder running on our
specifically for small
developer, design studios,
Contacts, FAQ, Calendar,
servers but completely
businesses. Build your web
and internet agencies, the
Articles, Press Releases,
private labeled to your
site in minutes without any
creation of contents managed
Coupons, Dynamic map,
company. Our ASP model
technical background.
web spaces. GenB web-site
Testimonials, Poll, hours,
makes it easy and affordable
management orientation
Site Map, Secure Shopping
for you to offer the best
contributes additional
Cart, Guestbook, Mailing
web site builder in the
functionalities to allow
Lists, Message Board,
industry that publishes back
interaction with the user
to your servers and is
(e.g., management of e-mail
branded to you. You always
and newsletter mailings,
retain full customer control
collecting information in
and contact; in fact your
forms...). GenB is
customers don't even know we
integrated by an assembly of
exist. In 24 hours you
Dreamweaver MX Extensions
could be using the best of
destined to the WYSIWYG
breed site creation platform
integration process and a
from Trellix just like the
"Contents Management
"big boys". CNet,
Intranet" with an
iVillage and dozens of
extremely agile
others have made Trellix the
interface. GenB is
industry standard in online
available as a service for
editing for the mass market.
the "end customer"
Now starting at just
and as a distribution
$1/user/month which includes
platform for design studios,
everything: unlimited access
creative individuals and
to the software, all
Internet agencies.
upgrades to new versions and
unlimited technical support.
Just add a link on your
site and you're live.

Date: Apr, 28 2004

Date: Jan, 25 2004

Date: Jan, 08 2004

Date: Dec, 29 2003
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