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Instalink is a web-based
ConceptMonitor try to check
For freelancers: Are you a
Select A Designer an online
service, enabling all types
regularly project homepage
web designer? Do you work
marketplace where buyers
of businesses from night
of useful freewares and
part-time as a freelancer or
connect with creative talent.
clubs to fashion shops to
open-source software
as a contractor? Do you
e-shops to advertise through
products and provided a one
provide web site design,
SMS messages. Build and
stop shop to check the
graphic design, logo design,
group contact lists with you
version of the latest stable
flash, database development,
customers' cell phone
release. The list of
related services? Get a
numbers and create and
software project monitored
freelancer account at
maintain campaigns while
currently is small, however
nyfreelancers to bid on
sending out personalized
anyone can contribute by
jobs. No commision or
messages. Maximize you
requesting that a particular
project fee, bid now for
ROI! Furthermore, Instalink
project is added to the
free. For Buyers: Are
provides some of the lowest
list. Soon, users will also
you looking for an
rates on the market with
be able to register to be
affordable cgi, php, asp
only $0.05 USD per message
notify when a new version is
freelancer's, designer or a
contractor to work on your
web design or programming
job? Look no further - post
your project for free and
take control. Pick the most
suitable bid and get the
work done. It is Free.

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Date: Aug, 25 2003
LISTbid, the freelance job
Our Video-Communicator can be
Why be limited to 1000
Reliable reminder service
marketplace. The only
used to create a network of
characters in your AIM
offering email &
freelance bidding site that
profile? Profiler extended
cellphone reminders
is "Commission
(employees, customers,
profile services for AOL
worldwide. Get any number of
free", this means you
suppliers, students, friends
Instant Messenger allows for
reminders up to 28 days
can post jobs and bid on
and/or relatives... you name
larger profiles, up to 10
before an event. Cellphone
jobs without paying any
it) who will be able to make
links to outside sites, 4-5
reminders sent at any
commissions as a programmer
videoconferences with you
subpages of your profile
five-minute slot in the day.
or a webmaster. The only
and between them into your
(for all your quotes, notes
Recurring events (similar to
fees that Listbid currently
own password-protected web
to friends, etc), all
MS Outlook in scope).
charges are escrow fees for
site. eZeMeetMe's
without advertisements.
Multiple recipients (using a
requested escrow
Video-Communicator can save
checkbox system to indicate
"safe" funds.
you thousands of dollars
who gets what reminder).
These fees cover the amounts
each year and dramatically
Convenient web-based
charged to us by PayPal. In
increase your productivity
addition we are the only
and improve your
freelance bid site which
allows both featured
communication efforts,
listings and featured bids
specially if they are
for a small fee. If you
located at different
are looking to get work
locations (offices,
done, we are one of the top
buildings, cities or
linked freelance websites
and get thousands of
programmer views per day. Or
if you are a programmer, we
have a growing number of
projects being posted here
each day, select through the
list and see what is
available. We have also
linked in projects that have
been posted on other similar
websites which are
"paid" services in
case you cannot find
anything here that suits
your needs. join LISTbid
today, it's free and you
will save money on
commissions as well as join
a growing new community.

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Date: Nov, 12 2001
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