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Online Messenger Service

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SMS Text Messenger

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Rad Inks MMS Composer

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The online messenger service
Yes, it is possible. Let your
This service will allow you
The Rad Inks MMS composer is
lets you see who is visiting
visitors send SMS to india
send SMS text messages. This
a hosted solution which
your site right now. You can
from your website. Simply by
is a FREE service.
allows your audience to send
send that person a message
adding few lines of
Multimedia Messages even
with one click on the
javascript code to your
without an MMS phone. The
button. There is also a
composer also includes a
win32 bits client for it.
login/user admin area, a
Installation is very easy.
simple gallery manager
Just add 8 lines of HTML to
your site.

Date: Nov, 12 2005

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Date: Jul, 02 2005

Date: Apr, 17 2005
Nabaza Cell Phone Tools
This is a free copy-and-paste
Myowncam streams webcam
- Unlimited
offers free ringtones,
forum service. You can
images on the internet.
wallpapers, and screensavers
customize and create your
Program is easy with install
accounts. - Easy to use
for your cellphone and offer
own forums. You donít need
and use. With the software
flash chat screens - Setup
free 100 sms when you buy
any database or programming
we host also free your cam
in your site, e-mail,
500 sms load.
language support.
with a own domain name. eg.
auctions. - Chat with
visitors for free. Upgrade
for Pro features for a low
fee w/ no additional
costs. - Custom status
icons, chat logo, online
polls. - Free traffic
reporting, support call
reporting, chat logging. -
UserWatch monitor allows you
to view all visitors on your
site and what page they are
on. - Interact with them
buy inviting them to chat
with you! - Lots More...
Give us a try!

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Date: Feb, 05 2005

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Date: Oct, 20 2004
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