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Communication Services


Branded SMS Gateway

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A Complete solution for your
Layout in header/footer PHP
Our click to call allows
ConceptMonitor try to check
Mobile data. A SMS gateway
files. Main file ionCube
online customers to contact
regularly project homepage
branded with your logo setup
encoded for script
your company directly from
of useful freewares and
as a sub-domain on your
protection. Check the status
your website. Its' very easy
open-source software
website with form based
of a user on AIM with this
to use because there is no
products and provided a one
configuration. It includes
handy PHP script.
software to download. Online
stop shop to check the
full accounting and
customers simply enters
version of the latest stable
administration. Web panel
their telephone number and
release. The list of
contains Inbox, Sent Folder,
press a button to contact
software project monitored
Online registration, SMS
your company instantly. This
currently is small, however
alerts for received emails,
push-button convenience
anyone can contribute by
online account details, full
gives the online customers
requesting that a particular
administration for sub
more reasons to buy from
project is added to the
accounts,Send SMS to 500+
you, and not your
list. Soon, users will also
networks worldwide, Receive
competitors. By adding our
be able to register to be
SMS using Virtual
click to call system on your
notify when a new version is
numbers,Complete integrated
website, you are showing
phonebook with groups allows
your online customers that
sending single or group
you care about customer
message ring tones.logos,
satisfaction. More
images, Unicode to send
importantly, once you get
messages in non-english
them on the telephone, you
fonts or text short or long
can easily close them with
messages, VCards,
your sales process.
Vcalanders, WAP Push,and a
complete record of messages
sent along with delivery
reports SMPP 3.3 and 3.4
allows sending and receiving
SMS from applications using
standard SMPP protocol. HTTP
Post/Get for posting and
receiving SMS from
applications Put it on your
Website and resell SMS or
use it as a closed Corporate
SMS gateway. Simple 9 step
configuration process setup
in minutes!!

Date: May, 31 2006

Date: Nov, 26 2005

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Oct, 02 2004
Our Video-Communicator can be
This is a free copy-and-paste
This is a free chat which you
Instalink is a web-based
used to create a network of
forum service. You can
can use on your site. No
service, enabling all types
customize and create your
Java is needed. Just copy
of businesses from night
(employees, customers,
own forums. You donít need
and paste one line of
clubs to fashion shops to
suppliers, students, friends
any database or programming
HTML! The line is this:
e-shops to advertise through
and/or relatives... you name
language support.
SMS messages. Build and
it) who will be able to make
group contact lists with you
videoconferences with you
customers' cell phone
and between them into your
numbers and create and
own password-protected web
maintain campaigns while
site. eZeMeetMe's
sending out personalized
Video-Communicator can save
messages. Maximize you
you thousands of dollars
ROI! Furthermore, Instalink
each year and dramatically
provides some of the lowest
increase your productivity
rates on the market with
and improve your
only $0.05 USD per message
communication efforts,
specially if they are
located at different
locations (offices,
buildings, cities or

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Date: Feb, 05 2005

Date: Nov, 15 2006

Date: Oct, 06 2004
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