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SMS Text Messenger

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UniVoice Pro

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Ventrilo Status Script

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Branded SMS Gateway

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This service will allow you
UniVoice Pro gives enterprise
VentriloLive.com allows you
A Complete solution for your
send SMS text messages. This
portals and community sites
to place a detailed box of
Mobile data. A SMS gateway
is a FREE service.
the ability to offer VoIP
information on your website
branded with your logo setup
solution. UniVoice gives
that displays the live
as a sub-domain on your
your users the ability to
status of your Ventrilo
website with form based
join a conference and talk
configuration. It includes
in a community based
http://www.VentriloLive.c om
full accounting and
environment. Users are able
administration. Web panel
to attend a conference room
contains Inbox, Sent Folder,
with the opportunity to
Online registration, SMS
chat, voice and instant
alerts for received emails,
message each other. Users
online account details, full
can also hold live chat
administration for sub
session, either by voice or
accounts,Send SMS to 500+
by integrated instant
networks worldwide, Receive
messaging. By being able to
SMS using Virtual
capture tone, inflection and
numbers,Complete integrated
expression, conversations
phonebook with groups allows
become richer and more
sending single or group
personal... breathing life
message ring tones.logos,
into your online community!
images, Unicode to send
messages in non-english
fonts or text short or long
messages, VCards,
Vcalanders, WAP Push,and a
complete record of messages
sent along with delivery
reports SMPP 3.3 and 3.4
allows sending and receiving
SMS from applications using
standard SMPP protocol. HTTP
Post/Get for posting and
receiving SMS from
applications Put it on your
Website and resell SMS or
use it as a closed Corporate
SMS gateway. Simple 9 step
configuration process setup
in minutes!!

Date: Jul, 02 2005

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 08 2006

Date: May, 31 2006
Have you ever used
This is a free chat which you
This is a script that reminds
Layout in header/footer PHP
buddyrofile or subprofile?
can use on your site. No
you of something by sending
files. Main file ionCube
well this service is exactly
Java is needed. Just copy
an email to you on a
encoded for script
like that, but ad free! You
and paste one line of
specified date. Also it is a
protection. Check the status
sign up, edit your profile,
HTML! The line is this:
sort of CMS, letting you add
of a user on AIM with this
and copy the HTML right into
pages, remove pages,
handy PHP script.
your AOL Instant Messenger
add/remove text boxes on
profile. Then anyone can
both sides!
look at it, view your pages,
sign your guestbook, see who
has visited your profile,
and have unlimited test!
Completely Free! More
services are being worked on
such as: poll, quiz,
horoscope, friends list,
and more ideas commming soon!

Date: Dec, 24 2005

Date: Nov, 15 2006

Date: Mar, 14 2006

Date: Nov, 26 2005
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