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Guestbook How-To

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This tutorial covers all
This is a very simple
Feedback is very valuable to
Guestbook is one of the most
aspects needed to make a
guestbook tutorial
not only the web designers,
common feature for a website
simple guestbook using PHP
consisting of how to write
but to other visitors as
and this tutorial will teach
and MySQL. Aswell, Afmanuk
an html form, get the form
well. This tutorial shows
you how to create your own
is dedicated to PHP
to insert data in mysql and
you how to create a script
guestbook using PHP and MySQL
tutorials and Web Security
then displaying the form
that will display comments
using PHP.
with a basic mysql query.
from users, and allow users
The result is a simple
to post their own comments.
guestbook which just
The script is very secure
displays the name and a
because it converts HTML and
comment of the visitor.
Javascript to text. It
allows the use of BBCode for
user designated formatting.
The script is written in
PHP, and uses a MySQL table
to store all the
information. Can be used on
an unlimited number of
pages. Looks great, but
styling can be changed by
editing the css in the
script. Easy setup.

Date: Dec, 07 2006

Date: Mar, 02 2006

Date: Nov, 03 2004

Date: Sep, 15 2004
A powerfull guestbook, run
A Christian Themed Guestbook
Shoutboxes have become a
without mysql. Entries with
that prints a random bible
popular way to leave
smiles and some more
verse on each page, and
messages at a site.
options. With admin menu,
sends an email to the site
delete entries, add a
admin. Feature an admin
comment. block ip/ block
backend for removing posts,
email for spammer. Badword
and sets up in minutes.
filter and some more option.
Support the PHP mail
function and Send mail via
SMTP . incl a counter

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Mar, 04 2004
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