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BPEL Cookbook

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Beginning Java 2

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Ten practical real-world case
A practical guide to creating
Beginning Java 2 has a
The newest version of J2SE
studies combining business
and managing your own
detailed introduction to the
technology, v 1.3, delivers
process management and web
website with this proven
Java Foundation Classes
momentous performance gains
services orchestration :
Java/JSP based content
(JFC), a vast set of
and improved Web deployment
-Real-world BPEL recipes
management system. This book
graphics functionality
for enterprise-grade,
for SOA integration and
takes you through the
including Java2D and Swing,
client-side applications.
Composite Application
process of creating content
which makes developing
And just about everything
development -Combining
rich websites and
windowed applications much
else developers have been
business process management
applications using OpenCms.
easier. It also covers the
asking for. This book is the
and web services
Although powerful and
new Collections API, a bunch
JDK 1.3 edition of the best
orchestration -Techniques
flexible, OpenCms can be
of container classes for
selling introductory Java 2
and best practices with
daunting on first approach,
representing and handling
book. It is a fast paced and
downloadable code samples
but its advanced features
other Java objects, and has
comprehensive tutorial
from ten real-world case
reward the investment in
up-to-date coverage of
introduction to application
studies Who this book is
learning. This book does not
threads, serialization and
development using Java. It
written for? This book is
cover extending the
JDBC 2.0. The revised
is ideal for novice Java
aimed at architects and
operations of OpenCms with
edition of the best-selling
programmers who have some
developers building
Java development. The focus
introductory Java book
previous programming
applications in Service
is on OpenCms as a complete
Beginning Java has been
exposure and are able to run
Oriented Architecture. The
CMS platform in itself. It
thoroughly updated for the
with the fast pace. Almost
book presumes knowledge of
does use some JSP for
Java 2 platform and the JDK
all new entrants to Java are
extensions where required.
1.2 release. The book still
coming from previous
services, and multi-tier
This book
teaches Java from scratch,
programming experience.
covers -Installing OpenCms,
assuming only basic
and its basic concepts
programming know-how and in
-Using the OpenCms Workplace
a tutorial format, but it
to manage and publish your
now takes a slightly
content -Managing projects,
different route through the
user accounts, databases,
Java class libraries.
and modules -Working with
the VFS and search
-Understanding and using
tasks and workflows
-Working with templates and
the OpenCms Tag Library.

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Date: Jun, 25 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006
An overview of the new
"Java Tool
Geekarticles database of
This is a report of a
server-side Java platform -
Tutorials" is a free
technology with over 1200 in
graduate project. The
Java 2 Enterprise Edition -
tutorial book based on notes
Java Technology which
purpose of this project was
as it relates to building
and sample codes collected
includes Java Applets
to examine whether the use
n-tier web applications. It
by the author while he was
Ebooks, Java Ebooks, EJB
of Java for games is
covers the building blocks
learning Java tools himself.
Ebooks, EJB Tutorials, J2EE
advantageous compared to the
(Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC,
Topics includes: book,
Ebooks, J2EE Tutorials, J2ME
current languages of choice,
RMI, JNDI, CORBA) then goes
breakpoint, class,
Ebooks, J2ME Tutorials, J2SE
C and C++. This is not an
into special design
classpath, debugging, free,
Tutorials, Java Swing
easy question to answer, and
considerations for server
import, java, javac, jar,
Articles, Java Web Services,
as you will see in the
side programming, (including
jdb, J2SE, JDK, JPDA, notes,
JDBC Help, Jini Tutorials,
report, the answer will
resource pooling and
source, sourcepath, thread,
JMS Tutorials, JSP Ebooks
depend on several project
component based design)
tutorials. Key sections:
and Tutorials, Servlets
specific issues. The main
before finally discussing
'javac' - The Java Compiler
Articles and Java FAQS.
target group of the report
future design possibilities
- "-sourcepath" -
is professional game
opened up by Jini and
Specifying Source Path -
programmers with little or
JavaSpaces technology.
"-d" - Specifying
no knowledge of Java, who
Output Directory -
wonder whether Java would be
beneficial in future
Statements - 'java' - The
projects. The report
Java Launcher -
generally assumes that the
"-classpath" -
reader is skeptical about
Specifying Class Path -
Java. The focus of the
"-jar" -
report is on games intended
Executable JAR Files -
for retail; not on Java
"-X" Options to
Control Memory Size -
"javaw" -
Launching Java Applications
without Console - 'jdb' -
The Java Debugger -
Attaching "jdb" to
Running Applications -
Debugging Commands -
Multi-Thread Debugging
Exercise - JAR File Format
and 'jar' Tool - JAR Files
Are ZIP Files - Adding
"manifest" to JAR
Files - Using JAR Files in
Class Paths - Creating
Executable JAR Files

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