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File Manipulation


Uploading Files in ColdFusion

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Upload one or more files to
ColdFusion allows us to
Many websites and intranets
your website directly from
quickly and easily create,
need the ability to accept
your web browser and insert
modify, and remove
more than form input from a
the details into your Access
directories and files alike.
user. They often need to
database. This is an easy
See how easy it is in this
accept files uplaoded from
way to add images or
clear and to the point
the client's machine. This
downloads to your site that
article shows you exactly
can then be dynamically
how easy it is to do this
pulled from your database to
using ColdFusion.
your website.

Date: Jul, 06 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004
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