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Rude Server C++ Libraries

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UCCDraw ActiveX Control

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MYCPLUS Online Community is a
CGI Parser library supporting
Offers resources on free
UCCDraw ActiveX Control is an
reliable source for C/C++
xml and file
compilers, interpreters,
ActiveX control that allows
and C# and VC++ programmers
uploads. Socket Library
source code, libraries,
creation and editing of
of tutorials, Source Codes
supporting SOCKS4, SOCKS5,
tutorials, references,
Visio-style charts from
and Free Open Source
HTTP Proxy, SSL and chaining
debuggers, compiler
within your application.
Utilities. You can find lot
all of the above
construction kits, 3D
Allows you to create flow
of C/C++ Programming
together. Config File
engines, animation,
charts, vector drawings,
tutorials with comple
reader and writer - the
programmers' editors,
raster images and more with
examples and downloadable
smartest one
resource leak detectors,
the ability to include
source code. Get free IT
available MySQL Database
programming language
hyperlinks and various
and Computer Science
Library - simplifies dbase
grammars, programmers'
shading and coloring
Magazines subscriptions.
tools, database libraries,
effects. You can group
ODBC drivers, SQL servers,
objects together, include
images and text, link them
together and apply custom
drawing effects to create
charts similar to Microsoft
Visio, Adobe Illustrator,
and CorelDRAW

Date: Sep, 27 2006

Date: Nov, 24 2003

Date: May, 24 2004

Date: Jan, 08 2006
This site tries to provide
XD++ Class Library is a set
Find C scripts &
articles on C++, Win32, MFC
of classes built on the
reviews at your free
using Visual C++ compiler
Microsoft Foundation
webpages along with other
and other associated Windows
Classes. XD++ was designed
webmaster resources that you
based C++ compilers with
from the start to be a
can use for your website.
sufficient sample programs.
reusable class library XD++
supports Documents, Views,
and Graphical Objects such
as rectangles, ellipses,
polygons, metafiles, text,
bitmaps, and lines. Objects
can be grouped together in a
hierarchical structure,
forming arbitrarily complex
visual objects from basic
XD++ objects.With XD++ add
in tool you can easy
definition of specialized
graphical objects containing
other objects.XD++ adds
graphical diagram interfaces
to your MFC applications
quickly and easily.

Date: Sep, 08 2004

Date: Jan, 08 2006

Date: Feb, 05 2005
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