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C++ Home

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Rude Server C++ Libraries

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A categorized directory of
C++ Home offers various
XD++ Class Library is a set
CGI Parser library supporting
open source C & C++
resources on C++ programming
of classes built on the
xml and file
scripts. Opensourcescripts
such as Tutorials, Code,
Microsoft Foundation
uploads. Socket Library
provides the place for
News, Tools, Links,
Classes. XD++ was designed
supporting SOCKS4, SOCKS5,
compiling, storing and
Interviews with prorammers,
from the start to be a
HTTP Proxy, SSL and chaining
distributing open source
and Forums.
reusable class library XD++
all of the above
supports Documents, Views,
together. Config File
and Graphical Objects such
reader and writer - the
as rectangles, ellipses,
smartest one
polygons, metafiles, text,
available MySQL Database
bitmaps, and lines. Objects
Library - simplifies dbase
can be grouped together in a
hierarchical structure,
forming arbitrarily complex
visual objects from basic
XD++ objects.With XD++ add
in tool you can easy
definition of specialized
graphical objects containing
other objects.XD++ adds
graphical diagram interfaces
to your MFC applications
quickly and easily.

Date: Nov, 11 2004

Date: Aug, 25 2001

Date: Jan, 08 2006

Date: Nov, 24 2003
This site offers a collection
Offers C++ forums and
CGIMachine offers a variety
of easy to use commercial
tutorials for beginning to
of high-quality commercial
CGI programs for your
advanced C++ users.
CGI applications for Windows
windows website. Currently
95/98 and NT-Servers.
available programs include
Currently available programs
Credit Card Order Form
include online poll, Web
Emailer, WhiteBoard and
traffic analyzer, discussion
Forum/Web BBS Discussion
forums, counters,
Forum, and more.
autoresponder, mailing list
manager and more.

Date: Nov, 20 1999

Date: May, 17 2002

Date: Jan, 06 2000
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