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This article describes how to
his one's basically shows
This snippet focuses on the
There is a function
count the number of
that MACROS when used in
uses of the STL deque class
gethostbyname for getting
instances of a process that
different compilers can give
in a recursive algorithm,
the ip address using
are currently running on the
different results. This one
namely to solve a maze.
Winsock. This function will
system. It is written in C++
teaches you to analyse C++
retrieve the ip address
for Windows, but could be
code and read it in Assembly
details into a variable of
ported to other systems and
and draw Conclusions about
type "structure
languages easily. (Linux,
the results. Really
hostent". Read for more
Visual Basic/VB, C, Unix,
interesting if you read it
info at <a
MacOS) The system just needs
to support interprocess
semaphores. The idea can be
extended to count any
resource, such as a thread,
file, data structure, or
network object.

Date: Oct, 20 2006

Date: Feb, 05 2006

Date: Feb, 05 2006

Date: Mar, 10 2004
Tutorial and sample codes to
C# 2.0 introduces several
The new C++ standard is full
This is a comprehensive
calculate the distance
language extensions, the
of powerful additions to the
tutorial to guide newcomers
between two locations. Free
most important of which are
language: templates,
to game programming and
sample source codes in PHP,
Generics, Anonymous Methods,
run-time type identification
Allegro through the process
ASP, ColdFusion, C/C++, C#,
Iterators, and Partial
(RTTI), namespaces, and
of writing a simple game.
Java, Perl, Visual Basic and
Types. The language
exceptions to name a few.
Allegro is a game
Javascript. Longitude and
extensions in C# 2.0 were
This tutorial discusses one
programming library.
latitude for United States
designed to ensure maximum
of the minor extensions: the
ZIP Code and Canadian Postal
compatibility with existing
new C++ casting operators.
Code are available in
code. For example, even
database subscription.
though C# 2.0 gives special
meaning to the words where,
yield, and partial in
certain contexts, these
words can still be used as
identifiers. Indeed, C# 2.0
adds no new keywords as such
keywords could conflict with
identifiers in existing code.

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