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C++ Programming


C++ Programming

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This book serves as an introduction to the C++ language. It teaches how to program in C++ and how to properly use its features. It does not attempt to teach object-oriented design to any depth. There are three goals: First, to produce a concise introductory text, free from unnecessary verbosity, so that beginners can develop a good understanding of the language in a short period of time. Second, to combine a tutorial style (based on explanation of concepts through examples) with a reference style (based on a flat structure). As a result, each chapter consists of a list of relatively short sections (mostly one or two pages), with no further subdivision. This, further simplifies the reader?s task. Third, the author have avoided trying to present an absolutely complete description of C++. While no important topic has been omitted, descriptions of some of the minor idiosyncrasies have been avoided for the sake of clarity and to avoid overwhelming beginners with too much information
Platform(s): Linux, Windows
Date: Nov, 04 2005
Author: Sharam Hekmat, http://mycplus.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=105


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