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The C++ Programming Language

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C++ Programming

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Written by the inventor of
This eBook "How to
This book serves as an
Essential programming tips at
the language, Bjarne
Create an eBook Using Visual
introduction to the C++
your fingertips! This handy
Stroustrup, The C++
C++" is a step-by-step
language. It teaches how to
programmer's reference
Programming Language is the
illustrated guide for Visual
program in C++ and how to
provides quick access to
definitive, classic text on
C++ developers to learn how
properly use its features.
syntax, functions, classes,
the language that has become
to compile HTML files into
It does not attempt to teach
methods, as well as the
central to software
an executable program.
object-oriented design to
Standard Template Library
development over the past
any depth. There are three
(STL). The book covers
ten years. Based on the ISO
goals: First, to produce a
ANSI/ISO Standard C and C++,
final draft standard, this
concise introductory text,
including the new C99
third edition is a complete
free from unnecessary
rewrite presenting C++ and
verbosity, so that beginners
its standard library as an
can develop a good
integrated whole. The book
understanding of the
covers the complete C++
language in a short period
language including its C
of time. Second, to combine
subset and modern features
a tutorial style (based on
such as abstract classes,
explanation of concepts
templates, exceptions,
through examples) with a
namespaces, run-time type
reference style (based on a
identification, and the
flat structure). As a
Standard Template Library
result, each chapter
that have revolutionized C++
consists of a list of
development. The book
relatively short sections
focuses on how to use the
(mostly one or two pages),
language as a tool for
with no further subdivision.
real-world design and
This, further simplifies the
programming. It teaches the
reader?s task. Third, the
basic concepts a programmer
author have avoided trying
needs to master
to present an absolutely
object-oriented programming,
complete description of C++.
generic programming, and C++.
While no important topic has
been omitted, descriptions
of some of the minor
idiosyncrasies have been
avoided for the sake of
clarity and to avoid
overwhelming beginners with
too much information

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The text first sets the
stage for using C++ with a
tour of what object-oriented
programming is all about, as
well as the software design
life cycle. The author then
delves into every aspect of
C++, from basic keywords and
programming principles to
more advanced topics, like
function and operator
overloading, virtual
inheritance, exception
handling, namespaces, and
templates. C++ is a complex
language, and the author
covers a lot of ground using
today's Standard C++, but
without getting bogged down
in excessive detail.

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