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VistaDB 3.0

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Web Atarim operates in web
VistaDB 3.0 was developed in
Whether your website is large
We provide software
development market since
C# to be the world’s first
or small, for business or
development in the following
2003. The perfect quality of
fully managed SQL database
family, our team of skilled
major areas: 1. Custom
work, short timeframes and
engine built specifically
programmers and web
Software Development
maximum of comfort for the
for the Microsoft .NET
designers will develop a
(Packaged software
client under the remote work
Framework, Compact Framework
Modern and Professional
solutions, application
conditions - these are the
and Mono. VistaDB is the
Website for you with the
re-engineering and
basic principles of our job.
perfect embedded SQL
most care and detail. We
re-factoring, Maintenance
For past two years we have
database engine for
make your effort and our
and Support.) 2.
deployed about 200 software
developing small to midsize
prices easy to live with.
Internet/Intranet Software
and Webware projects to
managed ASP.NET and WinForms
You will find our fees are
customers from Unites
applications that run on
affordable and competitive.
States, Israel, Cyprus,
desktops, mobile devices and
We offer a large range of
systems, document
Norway, Netherlands and
web servers. Features
services related to Internet
management, databases for
other countries.
include royalty-free
applications and web
corporate document
distribution, easy-to-use
development. Our web
repositories, etc.) 3. Web
small single-file 600KB
development and graphic
Development Services
footprint, ZeroClick
design professionals can
(E-commerce solutions,
deployment lets you embedded
help you plan, design and
corporate web sites, online
VistaDB directly into your
implement a powerful tool
games, CMS, online shops,
EXE and DLLs, Visual Studio
that will work for you.
Internet search engines,
2005 integration, built-in
Internet Marketing
etc.) 4. Offshore
ADO.NET Provider, Direct
Experts. Utilized
Development Center (Virtual
Data Access™ objects, T-SQL
team of software engineers.)
compatible SQL query
processor, data types are
and MySql databases Crystal
1:1 compatible with SQL
Reports And other.
Server, Data Migration
Wizard, Data Builder tool
for managing databases (C#
source code included),
robust single-file data
store, ANSI and Unicode
support, tables, views,
CLRProcs, indexes,
constraints, primary and
foreign keys, Blowfish
encryption, nested
transaction processing with
Snapshot isolation.

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dotnettopics.com is a site on
Mumford Connect Web Design is
EasyGraphGrid is a control
Profez is a leading Web
.net 2.0 technologies
committed to providing
for your .NET applications
Design and Development firm
written in .Net 2.0 and
Professional Web Site Design
that makes graphical grid
that specializes in advanced
Atlas. It not only brings
at an affordable price.
manipulation easier.
web solutions for all types
the best and latest links on
Based in Nova Scotia Canada,
GraphicalGrids can be used
of business. Based out of
differnt topics you can read
we specialize in designing
for a wide range of tasks
New Jersey, we focus on the
here various RSS feeds,
and implementing web sites
including graphing
clients web presence through
Blogs and News feeds
and web applications for
applications and games just
distinctive graphics and
relevant to the subject
small to medium sized
to name a few. EasyGraphGrid
innovative web programming.
businesses and individuals
divides up its workspace and
Companies depend on
throughout Nova Scotia and
allows you to control what
professional skills and
the other Atlantic provinces
you want to place in the
services to help define an
of Canada as well as Maine,
individual cells of your
important web presence. We
New England. Whether it's a
grid. You can populate
Provide Custom Website
sophisticated web site
some or all of them with
Design & Development,
design you need or a simple
pictures, colors or even
Strategic Consulting, and
web page design, Mumford
graphical text while leaving
Advanced Hosting Solutions.
Connect Web Design can
others blank. EasyGraphGrid
Whether it’s a small
fulfill your requirements
also allows you to load an
business or large corporate
and surpass your
image on to the background
project, our talented
of its workspace so you can
development team will
create really interesting
transform your vision into
and eye catching effects.

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