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VistaDB 3.0


VistaDB 3.0

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VistaDB 3.0 was developed in C# to be the world’s first fully managed SQL database engine built specifically for the Microsoft .NET Framework, Compact Framework and Mono. VistaDB is the perfect embedded SQL database engine for developing small to midsize managed ASP.NET and WinForms applications that run on desktops, mobile devices and web servers. Features include royalty-free distribution, easy-to-use small single-file 600KB footprint, ZeroClick deployment lets you embedded VistaDB directly into your EXE and DLLs, Visual Studio 2005 integration, built-in ADO.NET Provider, Direct Data Access™ objects, T-SQL compatible SQL query processor, data types are 1:1 compatible with SQL Server, Data Migration Wizard, Data Builder tool for managing databases (C# source code included), robust single-file data store, ANSI and Unicode support, tables, views, CLRProcs, indexes, constraints, primary and foreign keys, Blowfish encryption, nested transaction processing with Snapshot isolation.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Jan, 05 2007
Author: Vista Software, http://www.vistadb.net


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