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ASP.NET For Dummies

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ASP.NET Unleashed

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Beginning ASP.NET Using VB.NET

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The book teaches: -Extensive
Harness next-generation
A well-known expert in the
This book is aimed at
coverage of the Publishing
ASP.NET features to create
ASP development community,
relatively inexperienced web
API (PAPI) -Managing
dynamic Web applications.
best-selling Author Steven
developers who are looking
Channels and Postings with
Whether you're a Web
Walther brings his
to enrich their sites with
the PAPI -Managing
development newcomer or a
experience as an ASP.NET
Templates, Template
Classic ASP veteran, this
trainer to ASP.NET
content, and want to learn
Galleries, Resources, and
friendly guide is just what
Unleashed. With this
how to start building web
Users with the PAPI
you need to tap the power of
valuable guide, readers
applications using ASP.NET.
-Getting Sharepoint and MCMS
the totally revamped
learn the advanced features
The title provides a
to work together
ASP.NET. From Visual
of ASP.NET, and how to apply
step-by-step introduction to
-Publishing content between
Basic.NET fundamentals and
them in their own Internet
ASP.NET with plenty of
MCMS and SharePoint
object-oriented techniques
applications. This in-depth,
worked examples to help you
-Preparing postings for
to using Web Forms to create
code-intensive title covers
gain a deep understanding of
search indexing -Creating
interactive pages and
a broad range of advanced
what ASP.NET is all about.
Sharepoint Web Parts to
harnessing ADO.NET to
ASP.NET topics that include:
Topics covered: Creating
display MCMS data -Creating
retrieve information and
Validating Form Data,
basic ASP.NET pages,
powerful custom Placeholder
update databases, it's just
Programming Mobile Devices,
Learning the basics of
Controls -Adding validation
what you need to take your
Using Code Behind, Building
VB.NET, Understanding the
to Placeholder Controls
pages to the next level.
Custom ASP.NET Controls,
concepts of Object Oriented
-Combining InfoPath, Web
Creating Graphics with
Programming, Working with
Services and MCMS's robust
GDI.NET, Data Access with
Data and XML, The ASP.NET
content repository -Using
ADO.NET, ASP.NET Security,
Server Controls, Creating
RSS to syndicate content
Using XML in ASP.NET
User Controls and
from your site, and display
Applications, and Building
Components, Exploring the
content from other sites
and Consuming Web Services.
world of Web Services,
-Staging static versions of
Configuring your ASP.NET
your pages -A further 60
Applications, and The
pages of invaluable MCMS
future of VoiceXML
tips and tricks
technologies, including
VoiceXML 2.0.

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Date: Oct, 28 2003

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Aug, 29 2001
Download 4 Free Sample
Most Web applications follow
Microsoft's ASP.NET Community
DotNetNuke is a free, open
Chapters from this book.
a simple "3F"
Starter Kit (CSK) is a
source evolution of
First, you'll learn how to
pattern: fetch, format, and
powerful, freely available
Microsoft's celebrated
obtain, install and
forward data to the browser.
application that allows you
ASP.NET reference
configure all the necessary
With this in-depth guide,
to quickly create a fully
implementation, the IBuySpy
software you'll need, then
developers can take their
featured community-driven
Portal Solution Kit.
you'll build a fully
Web design and programming
website, complete with
DotNetNuke began life as a
functional Intranet,
skills to the next level to
article and news management,
framework for constructing
shopping cart and ecommerce
build more complex Web
downloads, forums, and user
data-driven intranet and
system with credit card
pages, applications, and
handling. Supported and
Internet portal
processing all while
services. The book
tested by thousands of
applications. It has now
learning database and object
demonstrates the advanced
developers in the ASP.NET
developed into an advanced
oriented programming
data-access capabilities of
community across the world,
web content management
concepts along the way.
ADO.NET and the powerful
the Community Starter Kit
system with tools to manage
page-creation capabilities
offers you the luxury of a
a dynamic and interactive
of ASP.NET, plus how to
scalable and extensible
data-driven website. If
employ code reusability,
architecture, and the
you work with ASP.NET and
pagelets, code-behind,
ability to brand your own
VB.NET, and want an
server-side controls, and
site. This book will take
interactive website, with
other time-saving techniques.
you inside the Community
forums, news and image
Starter Kit, allowing you to
management, where visitors
harness its power for easily
can register, participate
creating your own websites.
and contribute to your site,
The book is structured to
then DotNetNuke is the ideal
help you understand,
solution for you. This book
implement and extend the
is your indispensable guide
Community Starter Kit: -
to creating content-rich
Understand how the Community
websites with DotNetNuke
Starter Kit works. - Build
3.0, as quickly as
the skills to implement your
possible. The first part
own site. - Develop the
of this book gives you a
confidence to extend the
deep understanding of
system for your own needs.
working with basic
With this book, you will
DotNetNuke sites, guiding
learn how to: - Install
you through the features and
and configure the CSK -
giving you the confidence to
Find your way around the
create and manage your own
CSKs towering range of
site. After that, you will
features - Create and
journey to the heart of
administer community
DotNetNuke, and learn about
websites - Become familiar
its core architecture. From
with the common CSK ASP.NET
there, you will learn how to
controls - Customize your
customize DotNetNuke sites
CSK site - Discover the
through skinning and
secrets of the CSK core
creating custom
architecture - Explore the
modules. Enhancing your
inner workings of CSK
site with forums and
modules - Extend the CSK by
ecommerce functionality,
creating new modules -
creating multiple sites and
Customize existing modules
deploying your site round
with Web controls - Add an
off the book. You will
RSS feed to share your
master each of these topics
content with others -
as you leap into the
Deploy your CSK website
development of a DotNetNuke
This book is for ASP.NET
3.0 site.
developers with a sound
grasp of C# and access to
Visual Studio .NET.

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