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Microsoft ASP .NET Step by Step

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ASP.NET Unleashed

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Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET
This title is the ideal
A well-known expert in the
Most Web applications follow
in 21 Days is the perfect
step-by-step introduction
ASP development community,
a simple "3F"
book to introduce beginner
for developers who want to
best-selling Author Steven
pattern: fetch, format, and
and intermediate readers to
learn Active Server Pages+
Walther brings his
forward data to the browser.
the new technologies and
(ASP+) scripting technology,
experience as an ASP.NET
With this in-depth guide,
frameworks presented by
which offers powerful new
trainer to ASP.NET
developers can take their
ASP.NET. By guiding readers
possibilities for writing
Unleashed. With this
Web design and programming
through short but
clean, reusable, scalable
valuable guide, readers
skills to the next level to
increasingly complex
code for Web pages. It
learn the advanced features
build more complex Web
lessons, this book will give
offers a solid, practical
of ASP.NET, and how to apply
pages, applications, and
readers a strong foundation
introduction to ASP+ and
them in their own Internet
services. The book
in ASP.NET, and the
related technologies,
applications. This in-depth,
demonstrates the advanced
knowledge to develop their
including the Common
code-intensive title covers
data-access capabilities of
own creative solutions.
Language Runtime (CLR),
a broad range of advanced
ADO.NET and the powerful
Readers will delve into the
Microsoft Visual Basic,
ASP.NET topics that include:
page-creation capabilities
new framework, the C# and
Microsoft Visual C#(tm), and
Validating Form Data,
of ASP.NET, plus how to
Visual Basic programming
the Microsoft .NET
Programming Mobile Devices,
employ code reusability,
languages, and techniques to
Framework. It also provides
Using Code Behind, Building
pagelets, code-behind,
approach difficult problems.
real-world examples and code
Custom ASP.NET Controls,
server-side controls, and
The book will introduce the
samples to help developers
Creating Graphics with
other time-saving techniques.
ASP.NET Framework, Visual
solve daily Web challenges.
GDI.NET, Data Access with
Basic .NET, and C#, the new
ADO.NET, ASP.NET Security,
COM framework. The book will
Using XML in ASP.NET
cover applications of these
Applications, and Building
and Consuming Web Services.

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006
This topic describes the
This book is aimed at
This is a site for all,not
This comprehensive compendium
Oracle Applications
experienced ASP developers
just nerds. We strive to
combines a variety of
Architecture and some of the
who are working at the
make Philosophy accessible
practical code examples and
features that this
leading edge, rather than
and easy. This is true for
a comprehensive case study
architecture supports. We
the casual ASP developer or
the Home of AL Engleman's
with the information you
will be learning about The
beginner. For example, we do
Book "Expressions: A
need to master ASP.NET and
Desktop Tier, The
not cover the basics of COM,
Philosophy of Mind", a
build dynamic, successful,
Application Tier, The
ASP, or the programming
superbly simple and fresh
enterprise Web applications.
Database Tier and The Oracle
languages we use in this
look at complex thought.
Topics covered: ASP.NET and
Applications Technology Layer
book. You don't need to be
It's just too easy.
the .NET Framework, Creating
experienced with ASP to make
ASP.NET pages and working
the most of this book
with server controls, Data
although being relatively
in ASP.NET and an
comfortable with ASP
introduction to ADO.NET,
concepts with certainly
ASP.NET class libraries,
help. This book is also
Configuration and
ideal for Visual Basic
deployment, XML as an
developers who want to make
integral part of data
the move into Web
manipulation, Using Web
application design. You
Services to provide
should also understand the
asynchronous background
general principles of the
services to applications,
use of components, and have
and Migration issues.
knowledge of Visual Basic
(or VBScript). Some of the
samples are written in other
languages, such JScript and
C#, but you don't need to be
fluent in these languages to
be able to use this book.

Date: May, 24 2005

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Feb, 19 2006
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