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RDF Tutorial at Zvon

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Here you will find XML
This article presents a
related materials (both
practical exploration of
basic and advanced tutorials
knowledge management with
and references about XSLT,
XML by illustrating
XML, DTD, Mozilla, CSS,
techniques for populating
schemas, regular
Resource Description
expressions, etc.) which can
Framework (RDF) models with
be downloaded for off-line
data from existing XML
formats. As shown in the
three code listings, RDF can
be used as a companion to
customized XML, not just as
a canonical representation
for certain types of data.
This column, with code
samples included,
demonstrates how easy it can
be to jump-start knowledge
management with RDF even
relatively late in the
development game.

Date: Oct, 19 2001

Date: Jul, 07 2001
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