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Java and XML


Using XML and JSP together

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Data Binding with Castor

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This tutorial helps you
XML and JSP are two of the
XML data binding for Java is
Based on an analysis of
undersstand XML file
hottest buzzwords these
a powerful alternative to
several large XML projects,
validation with DTD files.
days. This article shows how
XML document models for
this article examines how to
Two tutorial Java programs
you can use these two
applications concerned
make effective and efficient
are provided: one with DOM
technologies together to
mainly with the data content
use of DOM in Java. The DOM
and one with SAX.
make a dynamic Website. You
of documents. This article
offers a flexible and
also get a look at code
by an enterprise Java expert
powerful means for creating,
examples for DOM, XPath,
introduces data binding and
processing, and manipulating
XSL, and other Java-XML
discusses what makes it so
XML documents, but it can be
appealing. He then shows
awkward to use and can lead
readers how to handle
to brittle and buggy code.
increasingly complex
Author Parand Tony Daruger
documents using the open
provides a set of Java usage
source Castor framework for
patterns and a library of
Java data binding. If your
functions to make DOM robust
application cares more about
and easy to use.
XML as data than as
documents, you'll want to
find out about this easy and
efficient way of handling
XML in Java.

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Date: Dec, 12 2001
This article demonstrates how
This article describes the
to automate e-mail
design and implementation of
publishing chores with Java
an intuitive, fast and
and XML. This concrete
compact (40K) Java toolkit
application of XML and XSLT
for parsing and manipulating
describes an e-mail
XML -- Electric XML -- the
newsletter (e-zine)
XML engine of the author's
publishing application that
company. It shows one way to
outputs both HTML and plain
apply object-oriented
text e-mail messages. Five
techniques to the creation
reusable code samples
of an XML parser, and it
include a Java program to
provides useful insight into
send e-mails using JavaMail,
API design. The source code
an XSLT style sheet to
for the non-validating
convert the DocBook sample
parser described in this
introduced in Part 1 to
article may be downloaded
HTML, a Java configuration
and used freely for most
handler (in the form of a
commercial uses.
SAX ContentHandler), and the
Java code that puts it all
together in a multistepped

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