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The case for XML for Analysis

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This tutorial will show you
XML for Analysis is an open,
This paper proposes a number
This article describes how
the different methods of
web-based standard for
of type-system and language
Perl can be used to transfer
retrieving XML from SQL
client-server communications
extensions to natively
data between XML and
Server, how to control how
between OLAP systems. Since
support relational and
relational databases, and
the data is returned, and
its debut in mid-2001 XML/A
hierarchical data within a
how XML can bridge two
then discuss how to navigate
has been widely considered
statically typed
disparate databases. MySQL
through the returned
to perform poorly in
object-oriented setting. In
is used as an example
results. You will also learn
comparison with proprietary,
our approach SQL tables and
ways of viewing SQL Server
binary protocols as the
XML documents become first
tables from an XML
overhead involved in
class citizens that benefit
perspective. From there
creating XML documents at
from the full range of
you’ll learn how to load
one end and then parsing
features available in a
data into SQL Server using
them at the other end was
modern programming language
XML natively, including
thought to be high.
like C# or Java. This allows
real-time over HTTP.
Additionally, the XML output
objects, tables and
from an XML/A server is much
documents to be constructed,
larger in terms of actual
loaded, passed, transformed,
bytes as the XML document
updated, and queried in a
must contain many tags which
unified and type-safe manner.
are required to describe the
actual data they contain.
This means that the time to
transfer the data across the
network is greater.

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