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Kismet Wireless Network Sniffer

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ATOMIK (Alphabetically Tuned
AVUSBD server service -
This is an informational
Kismet is an 802.11 layer2
and Optimized Mobile
receives data from virtual
151-page reference source
wireless network detector,
Interface Keyboard) is a
port and writes data to real
for all of the library
sniffer, and intrusion
highly optimized method,
serial port. Features:
functions, operators, and
detection system. Kismet
using touch keyboards, for
Based on Microsoft Windows
statements that compose the
will work with any wireless
entering data into handheld
XP DDK, (3d parts
WMLScript language version
card which supports raw
devices. It potentially
development products not
1.2. This Quick Reference
monitoring (rfmon) mode, and
allows typing of faster than
used); Register Windows
also includes real working
can sniff 802.11b, 802.11a,
40 words per minute. ATOMIK
Device Name; Share USB
code examples that were
and 802.11g traffic. Kismet
uses the graffiti area of a
devices via TCP/IP;
tested on the "Nokia
identifies networks by
PalmOS device as a
Supports multifunction
WAP Toolkit version
passively collecting packets
touchscreen keyboard. The
devices; Hot Plug-n-Play
2.0" Wireless
and detecting standard named
layout of this keyboard is
support; Supports all kinds
Application Protocol (WAP)
networks, detecting (and
specifically optimized for
of URB; Supports Bulk ,
web browser simulator. such
given time, decloaking)
touchscreen applications.
Interrupt and Isochronous
simulators available for
hidden networks, and
transfers; Internal error
free on the Internet.)
infering the presence of
nonbeaconing networks via
data traffic.

Date: Dec, 14 2001

Date: May, 11 2005

Date: Jan, 22 2002

Date: Oct, 12 2006
A program to receive weather
If you want to share USB
Take advantage of our
reports, navigational
devices over network and
referral service, library of
warnings and weather charts
Internet use USB@nywhere.
white papers &
transmitted on longwave and
Our software supports many
articles, product reviews,
shortwave bands in RTTY,
kinds of USB devices such as
business directory, and
printers, scanners,
community forum. Free
modes. None additional
flash-memory, Human input
hardware is required - your
devices etc. The software
need only receiver and
is easy-to-use & is
computer with a sound card.
highly SECURE. USB@nywhere
meets such needs as: - Need
to get remote access to USB
equipment - Need to share
USB devices - Need to give
access to USB device to
multiple remote machines -
Need to get connected to
multiple USB devices from 1
remote machine - Need to
access USB device from
anywhere anytime - Need in
wireless network. If there
is WLAN station with USB hub
on board, it is possible to
interact with equipment
connected to the station
just as if it was physically
linked up to computer ports
using our technology. We
offer to use our technology
in the following (mostly
demanded) implementation
areas: Security and
Monitoring Systems,
Synchronization Systems,
Providing shared access to
USB equipment, medicine,
science and education.

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Nov, 01 2005

Date: Dec, 22 2004
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