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SC UniPad

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Focus On VBS

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ScriptPad is excellent
Displays over 52000 Unicode
HAPedit is an acronym for
Focus on VBS is a Visual
HTML/XML/VBS editor and
characters instantly without
Html Asp Php editor; a win32
Basic Script Editor that
Notepad replacement for
installing extra fonts,
text-mode editor useful for
includes lots of features
viewing source code with
On-screen soft keyboard,
all developers of dynamic
like Syntax coloring, Find
Internet Explorer. It has
Over 60 built-in keyboard
web pages. Its main features
and Replace,Undo and Redo,
many tools to make life
layouts, Character map for
are: syntax highlighting for
Line and column numbering,
easier. Some include:
easy selection of any
html/php, html/asp, html and
running VBScripts from the
HTML/XML Syntax checker; XML
Unicode character, Import /
JavaScript; page preview in
editor (wscript) or in
Formatter; Insertion of
export of over 60 codepages,
browser; project manager;
console mode (cscript),
several types of code blocks
encodings, Unicode formats
php code
Drag-and-drop support,
including style sheets and
UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32,
Printing, Shell integration,
scripts; VB Tools to help
UTF-7, Compression Scheme,
edit html tags; code
auto complete, displaying
create Interface and
completion; preview images;
syntax help.
components which implement
SQL console; FTP Manager and
those interfaces; Registry
tools to check for broken
components. The original
motivation for this tool was
to replace Notepad when
viewing source code from
within IE. It has grown to
be much more than that.

Date: Oct, 29 2002

Date: Oct, 08 2002

Date: Oct, 04 2002

Date: Aug, 08 2002
ED for Windows is a smart
DzSoft WebPad is an
NoteTab is a top-rated text
TxE8 is a unique flexible
language sensitive
extensible HTML editor with
and HTML editor that is user
word processor with a
programmer's editor, with a
PHP and ASP syntax
friendly and feature rich
user-friendly interface.
breadth and depth of
highlighting. Features
with many innovative
It's easy to use, powerful
powerful editing
one-click preview in
productivity tools. Whether
and 100% free. It loads
capabilities you're unlikely
built-in browser, HTML Tidy
you create web pages, write
extremely fast, can handle
to find elsewhere. ED goes
tool from the World Wide Web
source code, send E-mail,
very large documents, can
beyond editing giving you
Consortium to format and
take notes, analyze text,
e-mail your documents
instant access to every
cleanup your HTML code and
read files, or do anything
(without using another
function and class with its
much more. You can add
related to text, you will
program), and it has Drag
Source Database Engine,
virtually any feature to
certainly find NoteTab a
and Drop support. It has
unmatched Visual File
DzSoft WebPad with the power
worthy tool and a great time
many unique features, like
Compare, integrated Compiler
of conventional HTML and
the on-screen Find-bar to
support, fast multi-threaded
find things fast, and the
Regular Expression Search
Add text panel, which allows
Engine, fully configurable
you to insert frequently
UI, and quick access to
used words quickly.
files using Projects. ED
includes support for 34
programming languages out of
the box including PHP, Perl,
Java, C/C++, HTML and many

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Date: Apr, 01 2002

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Date: Mar, 09 2001
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