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ABC Amber XML Converter

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ABC Amber PDF Converter

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Perl Code Editor

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XML (Extensible Markup
ABC Amber PDF Converter is a
A Perl code editor for
DailyEdit is an advanced and
Language) is the key format
powerful tool which allows
Windows. Features include:
easy-to-use professional
in today's environment. This
you to convert PDF to any
Syntax Coloring, Bookmarks,
text editor, HTML editor and
language allows us to
document format (HTML, RTF,
Auto Indenting, Line Ending
programmers editor that
describe and deliver
TXT Ansi, TXT Unicode, DOC,
Conversion (Unix to
combines powerful editing
structured data from any
Windows), Drag and Drop
commands, extensive
application. However
WS7, WRI, etc.) easily and
Support, Goto Line by Line
configurability, a
sometimes this format is not
quickly. You can export all
Number, and Handles .pl and
consistent and logical
easy to read. ABC Amber XML
pages or just selected page,
.cgi files.
interface, and speedy
Converter is a powerful
as plain text or as preview
operation. DailyEdit
XML/XSL processor which
pictures. Currently our
features powerful, automatic
converts your XML documents
software supports more than
and customizable color
into any document format
50 languages, and more to
syntax highlighting, with
come. Free for registered
source code for popular
TXT Unicode, DOC, MCW, WRI,
users of ABC Amber Text
programming languages. You
Converter program.
can create own syntax file
WSD, and more) easily and
to support other programming

Date: Jun, 23 2003

Date: Jun, 17 2003

Date: Jun, 09 2003

Date: Mar, 07 2003
With Type Pilot, you can type
This text editor is written
This tool converts standard
Source Edit is the tool to
frequently used text fast
in java and will easily take
text to binary code and
use if you develop in Java,
and easy. You just type a
the place of the built-in
vice-versa. Although this
C/C++, C#, Visual Basic,
word, and Type Pilot will
editor of your OS.
tool has limited uses, it
Pascal, Perl, ASP, XML,
automatically replace it
could easily be used as a
HTML, SQL, PHP. If you
with a phrase or a
simple form of encryption
develop in another language,
paragraph. Type Pilot is
for use when sending emails.
then Source Edit gives you
useful for writing standard
the flexibility to add it.
phrases such as signatures,
Source Edit is highly
email addresses, URLs, phone
customizable. You can change
numbers, frequently used
or set keyboard shortcut to
sentences, letter templates,
all commands available. You
etc. The program will work
can change how code is
with any text editor. The
colorized. Version 3.0 also
tree-like structure will
comes with an hex editor.
help you to keep your
Code completion
information in order.
(IntelliSence) and the
ability to add help files to
get context sensitive help.
You can also set the
"file mapping". By
file mapping you associate
different file types to
different languages.

Date: Mar, 03 2003

Date: Jan, 06 2003

Date: Dec, 16 2002

Date: Nov, 12 2002
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