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Ferrite Platform

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MLEditor Standard Edition

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STGuru Standard Edition

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Advanced Find and Replace

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Ferrite is a tool for
1. Intelligent multi-language
STGuru helps users transfer
Performs search of local
automating text
reader and editor 2.
between Simplified Chinese
files with smart queries as
manipulation, conversion and
Transfers between
and Traditional Chinese at
with AlvaVista. Allows
data extraction. Includes
Unicode/Unicode BE and ANSI
professional quality. Full
replace simple or multiline
easy-to-use filters for
(any language)/UTF-8 3.
series of transfer services
text in multiple files. With
common tasks including
Full series of code transfer
are provided - clipboard
batch replace operation you
adding/removing margins,
services between Simplified
transfer, edit area
can easily replace or update
headers, columns, etc. Uses
Chinese (GBK) and
transfer, file / web page
hundreds of different links
Javascript for scripting.
Traditional Chinese (Big5)
transfer and site transfer.
in several files. Saves
Manipulate rows/columns in
at professional quality
Besides GBK / Big5
results in XML and other
CSV files and export as XML.
based on leading intelligent
transfers, it also transfers
formats. Works with command
Can descend directories and
high precision code transfer
within GBK table and within,
line params. Extremely fast,
execute Javascript to select
engine 4. Professional
to and from Unicode.
easy to use and excellent
files based on size, date,
control editor 5. Handy
High-precision GBK/Big5
documentation is included.
etc. Useful for website
text file previewer and
recognition mechanism is
It is a great time-saver for
updates, log analysis,
editor 6. Desktop sticky
involved for transfer to be
programmers and Webmasters.
parsing text, exporting to
note and much more
smoother and more
CSV or XML etc

Date: Jul, 17 2005

Date: Jul, 14 2005

Date: Jul, 14 2005

Date: Jun, 24 2005
This online program changes
ConTEXT is a small, fast and
Save time and effort with
PHPEdit is the best IDE
regular text into gradiented
powerful text editor for
this versatile,
(Integrated Developement
text. Choices are
software developers.
full-featured Windows text
Environment) under windows
black/red, black/green,
Unlimited open files,
editor. Boxer is extremely
to work with PHP. It
black/grey, black/orange,
unlimited editing file size
powerful, but remains easy
offer a bunch of tools which
black/blue. update
length, 4kB line length,
to use for both beginners
allow you to work easier and
11/14/04 - Added more
powerful syntax highlighting
and experienced users. This
faster on your eash day
options. Italicized text,
for C/C++, Delphi/Pascal,
award-winning text editor
work. Here is a short
bold text, underlined text,
80x86 assembler, Java, Java
features a powerful macro
overview of its
size of text, font, and URL
Script, Visual Basic,
language, 2 GB file size
features: * Syntax
support. I fixed a small
Perl/CGI, HTML, SQL, Python,
limit, syntax highlighting
Highlighting * Code
bug where there is a blank
PHP, Tcl/Tk, user defineable
and printing, project
Hint, Code Insight *
space and line after the
syntax highlighters, project
support, FTP, HTML support,
Integrated PHP debugger
output. update 12/2/04 -
workspaces, compiler
column blocking, undo/redo,
* Help Generator *
Added support for forums
integration, multilanguage
spell checker, regular
Customizable shortcuts
with dark backgrounds.
support and many many more
expression search/replace,
* More than 100 scriptable
Added a rainbow gradient.
extensive configurability
commands * Keyboard
and much more.
templates * Todo report
generator *
QuickMarks * Plugins

Date: Jun, 06 2005

Date: May, 03 2005

Date: Apr, 18 2005

Date: Feb, 26 2005
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