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I'm web developer with 6
"taska software"
We provide ready-made premium
WarkenSoft Productions
years of experience located
company is an offshore
quality web solutions for
specializes in the
in Russia. I've made wide
custom software development,
anybody who is looking to
production of quality PHP
range of web applications
web application development
start or expand
scripts for use by
using PHP and MySQL ( search
outsourcing and e-commerce
e-business. Our
webmasters around the world.
engines, web-directories,
website design company in
scripts/software are
We have a number of scripts
classified ads sites,
Ukraine, offering
different from the most
currently available, many
e-commerce sites, custom
programming and development
turneky solutions you've
available as free downloads.
CMS's etc. ). I have some my
solutions using ASP, .Net,
seen around the net these
own ready-for-use solutions
PHP, AJAX, XML and other
days. We strive to develop
developed by me using my
technologies to clients
only the highest quality
libraries and technology.
globally. Our
solution. Main
All the projects I ever made
Services: *
characteristics of our
were 100% templates-based
Consulting * .NET/C#
software are - quality,
and easy to install and
programming/development *
usability, functionality and
orientation to revenue
programming/development *
Software development *
E-commerce integration *
Internet Marketing Key
areas: custom .NET/C#
programming, custom PHP
programming, web site
programming, e-commerce.
The .NET Framework
provides the foundation for
building and running all
kinds of software including
stand-alone applications,
web-based applications, and
web services used to
facilitate integration of
systems using
communication standards such
as XML, SOAP, and HTTP.
cost-effectiveness and
innovation are the prominent
features of services offered
by taska softwar

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Date: Nov, 20 2006
EnergyScripts offer quality
More than 5 years of
We provide the services for a
Developers Licenses available
and successful outsourcing
experience in software
professional and affordable
for Social networkimg,
web design service, website
development. Created complex
Custom PHP Programming and
dating, link manager with
development, site
back-end management systems
Web Design. Conkurent, LLC
link import, real estate
maintenance at affordable
including content
can offer you high quality
scripts with developers
prices. We will help you to
management, e-commerce,
services for a reasonable
license, fast track your
construct website of your
customer relations and
price. Our experienced
project now. datecomm dating
dream. Discussing your
communication interfaces.
project managers will help
and community portal is a
website options is free.
The projects based on PHP in
you formalize your idea and
social newtork script. We
conjunction with various
talented developers will
also do custom projects to
other web development
make it live.
your description. Coding
technologies. PHP, SQL,
Teams on Standbuy. All
JavaScript, AJAX, XHTML, CSS
scripts are Created in php
and XML are used. Designed
and mysql for linux, unix,
layouts and templates for
all windows. Only 1
various companies and
database. Best of all can be
used on many types of
servers, including Apache
running on Linux, BSD or
MacOS X, Microsoft IIS or
Apache running on Windows.
The only requirements are
that PHP 4.1.0 or above and
MySQL 3.1.10 or above are
installed on your webserver.
Hot social netwoking,
develop your way, see if you
can develop the 25 to 40 age
group hangout,like
myspace.com did for the 18
to 25's with music. Selling
at a fraction of development
costs. We can also manage
your exclusive project, our
experiance will make it
easier and cost effective,
we have coders and coding
teams ready to quote you.

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Date: Nov, 11 2006

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