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DataTrack is an image cataloging system written in PHP with a MySQL database. It is designed for an Intranet situation. Users on a network can insert images in bulk or individually. This is an ideal program for any business or organization needing to have all their images organized and rated across a network. Simple set-up, simple to use, only one license to purchase. Easily alter the category names to suit your specific needs. DataTrack will be operational in minutes on IIS or Apache. Multiple keyword search as well as isolated searches of categories ensures a quick and precise retrieval of desired files. Users on the network can insert multiple files all at once with a blanket description applied to the set. Editing on an individual basis can be done later. Instantly access all your image files, or any file for that matter, in seconds. Try the demo!
Platform(s): Linux, Windows
Date: Sep, 11 2004
Author: http://www.crockerwebdesign.com/datatrack.html


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