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Horizontal menus

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Flash buttons

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Loading xml into flash template

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We offer beautiful commercial
We offer beautiful commercial
This flash template has two
This flash movie demonstrates
flash menus and buttons. The
flash buttons. The packet
scrollbar sections. The left
how to except user
packet contents four flash
contents six flash buttons.
one loading an external text
information with a flash
horizontal menus. You will
You will get full source
file called news.xml. This
movie and display it to
get full source code and
code and graphics including:
is an easy way to show your
users with php.
graphics including: fla, swf
fla, swf och html files.
last events. All you need is
och html files.
that to edit your text in a
text editor then save it as
an .xml file and load it up.
This scrollbar allows you to
update your news every time
you want.

Date: Oct, 11 2006

Date: Oct, 11 2006

Date: Oct, 10 2006

Date: Oct, 09 2006
Use the color and Movie clip
The game is simple: just
FlashWanted.com is one of the
Ready-to-use, professionally
objects to change colors and
enter your name, press
most complete flash
designed flash templates and
transparency in a single
"Play" and start
directories today - flash
html templates in a lot of
frame. Also shows a nice
moving your mouse clockwise
components, JSFL extensions,
assorted styles from cars,
gradient color changing
trying to make 100 rounds as
SWF applets, FLA sources and
financial and business
fast as you can to enter the
flash related software. The
templates to image gallery,
highscore table. Full
site has a large user-base
sports and wedding. A
source code provided.
and is growing rapidly.
template is a complete site
design that can be opened
with Macromedia Flash,
filled with content and
extended to suit particular
needs. Individual templates
or discounted packs are
available as well as flash
website intros and flash
customization services. Upon
purchase you receive a .ZIP
file with the source files
including Photoshop .PSD,
.HTML, .SWF and Flash .FLA
files. Win a commercial
template by taking a simple

Date: Oct, 09 2006

Date: Oct, 03 2006

Date: Sep, 29 2006

Date: Sep, 15 2006
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