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Got list? ListMaster handles anything from Links page entries, News bulletins, Site/business associate listings, Calendar entries to product/portfolio showcases (with photos) and back again. Features include (really short list): Automatic link creation (just type in a web or email address into a description and ListMaster turns it into a link!) plus a separate summary listing of just titles and time/location for entries (e.g. for use on a Home Page). Online administration through any conventional web browser and requires 'no code skills' for update (will need to know how to resize images, when used; instructions included). Package includes Perl/CGI scripts (easily set up by modifying one file), comprehensive Setup and User's Guide and even template web pages to assist setup on a specific web site.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Dec, 05 2005
Author: CDM Custom Software Services, http://www.cdmcss.com/Software/ListMaster


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