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Prerequisites For VoiceXML

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Job Opportunities for VoiceXML

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Industry Usage of VoiceXML

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There are a number of
There are a number of
There are a number of job
There are a number of uses
concepts that you will want
languages and concepts that
opportunities available for
for VoiceXML in the voice
to become familiar with
you will want to become
those who are interested in
command industry. The
before you can effectively
familiar with before you
learning VoiceXML. This
importance of VoiceXML comes
learn VoiceXML. It is first
start learning VoiceXML.
standard is being used in
from the fact that many
important for you to have a
Perhaps one of the most
portals such as BeVocal and
people have been unhappy
basic understanding of
important things for you to
Tellme. These are portals
with the use of textual
programming concepts and
learn is web technologies.
that are offering voice
interfaces such as WAP, and
elements. In addition to
Web technologies include a
features to movie listing,
are looking for more
this, you must have a basic
wide range of subjects such
quotes, and the news. Many
powerful alternatives.
understanding of the field
as scripting and stylesheets.
experts believe that
of telephony.
VoiceXML will bring changes
to the web that are very
similar to the advances that
were made by older web

Date: Nov, 19 2006

Date: Nov, 19 2006

Date: Nov, 19 2006

Date: Nov, 19 2006
Companies that are interested
VoiceXML Introduction
DTD is described in XML 1.0
In this tutorial, selected
in investing in voice
VoiceXML is an XML format
standard. In this tutorial
XPath features are
technology may want to look
that is used for the purpose
basic DTD features are
demonstrated with many
at VoiceXML rather than
of categorizing voice
demonstrated on many
examples and pictures which
older systems such as IVR.
dialogues that will occur
examples which can be
can be downloaded for
There are a number of
among humans and computers.
downloaded for off-line use.
off-line use.
reasons for this.VoiceXML is
It is connected to W3C, and
very flexible, and
it gives voice programs the
applications that are
ability to be created and
designed with it will
used with HTML. An HTML
reflect this high level of
document is designed to be
flexibility. Even if your
read by web...
company must purchase
equipment for deployment
purposes, the flexibility of
your VoiceXML tools will be

Date: Nov, 19 2006

Date: Nov, 19 2006

Date: Oct, 19 2001

Date: Oct, 19 2001
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