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XML Syntax - Quick Reference

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XMLDOM Quick Reference Guide

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This two-pages quick
This is a valuable 239 page
This is a handy 180 page
This is a comprehensive
reference guide provides
reference detailing all the
reference source that
101-page reference source
useful information for XML
interfaces deemed by W3C to
defines and explains all of
for all of the elements and
be basic to any
the tags, events, and
functions that compose the
implementation of the DOM
associated attributes that
eXtensible Stylesheet
(including HTML), as well as
compose XHTML (eXtensible
Language Transformation
XML-specific interfaces and
Hyper Text Markup Language,
(XSLT) language version 1.0.
Microsoft's own, further
version 1.0. This Quick
This Quick Reference
extensions to the Document
Reference also includes
features real working code
Object Model. Each object is
useful, real world, working
examples which were tested
fully described with working
examples of code for each
using the Microsoft XML
examples that clearly
tag. In addition, there are
parser version 3.0.
illustrate how its
write-ups, with code
properties and methods (and
examples, for the 17 events
in the case of Microsoft's
and another 7 attributes
extension, event handlers)
that are commonly available
can be used to manipulate
to many tags.
actual XML documents.

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Date: Jan, 22 2002

Date: Jan, 22 2002
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