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AdoMonitor is the only tool
WebSite Search Tool is a
This script was written for
LogRover is an advanced web
built for real time
desktop application that
Sharepoint Portal Server
log file analyzer that
monitoring of ADO-related
help administrators to
2003, but will work with ANY
analiyzes log files
errors on IIS web server.
search all Microsoft
WebDAV storage system. It
generated by IIS, Apache and
Besides these kinds of
Internet Information Servers
has 2 functions: one for a
other web servers. LogRover
errors, it also displays
(IIS) over their network.
single file upload and the
generates reports of page
connection parameters, SQL
Features: - Access and
other for a recursive
hits, sessions, visits,
queries, descriptions, and
search to Local/Remote
directory upload. For the
visitors, search engine
other ADO/ODBC-related
servers. -
directory, please be sure to
referals, and session times.
information, all in real
Start/Stop/Pause/Delete a
specify the
LogRover is database driven
time. It also features the
single website or all
"baseUrl" constant
so it can generate
possibility of reviewing all
websites with a single
as it is needed outside of
interactive, on-demand
of this information from log
click. - Search website
the function call. This
reports as well as scheduled
is pretty self explanatory,
reports. LogRover supports
hostheadernames, and IP
but if you have any
clustered servers and
addresses. - Create HTML
questions e-mail me.
features advanced reporting
reports that can easily be
of search click-thru
imported to different
programs i.e. MS Excel.

Date: Feb, 24 2005

Date: Nov, 07 2004

Date: Oct, 18 2004

Date: Aug, 20 2004
One of the smallest and
Embed content and scripted
SnugServer is a suite of high
Create and offer Web Message
fastest Web servers that
pages right in your own
performance Software Servers
Boards. No Scripting, No
supports servlet 2.3 and jsp
application, or use the
that provide you with an
HTML required. Just install
1.2. Portable to all
stand-alone examples to test
all-in-one solution to
the Post-A-Board server and
platforms that support java.
your own ASP-compatable web
managing your Internet
run it alongside your
Also has CGI support, build
pages. Perfect for your
presence. SnugServer comes
current Web Server - or on
in SSL hook and virtual path
server application where you
with the very latest
its own. Control
need or want scripting
Anti-Spamming, Anti-Virus
Panel-driven Web interface
capability, but don't want
and Encryption technology
lets you create Public
to be tied to a particular
built-in. Email Server:
Boards and Private Boards.
version of Windows or a
send/ receive emails. FTP
Alert Post-A-Board lets you
top-heavy server. Compatible
Server: upload/download
create and/or offer Web
with ASP Classic scripted
files to/from the Internet.
Message Boards from your
web pages, so you can
Web Server: host your own
existing server - or by
leverage your existing
Website. NewsServer: host
utilizing using a DSL or
development into a
your own News. ListServer:
Cable connection with a
stand-alone solution.
setup discussion groups.
static IP address.
Examples included.

Date: Dec, 11 2003

Date: Nov, 12 2003

Date: Sep, 17 2003

Date: Aug, 28 2003
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