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MSAS (Mambo Stand Alone Server)

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Server2Go is a CD-ROM
ready to run on your Windows
LinkFreeze is a useful tool
What Is It? -- You can now
Webserver. That means it is
desktop! Use MSAS as a local
that rewrites dynamic links
carry your web server with
a webserver that can run
dev server. Use MSAS to
on your web site to make
you where ever you go! Just
directly from cdrom without
build up your Mambo site
them look static and so
plug it into a free USB-port
installation. Server2Go
attracts search engines'
on a Windows 2000 or newer
allows you to create a
attention to them.
PC and you're good to go.
working web site or PHP
LinkFreeze works as an
It's handy for demonstrating
application on a CD-ROM.
ISAPI, which allows you to
a new website or script to a
Using a web browser, a user
leave the code of your pages
costumer. You can also use
can run php programs as well
as it is, as all links on
it to share files over a
as view html files on the
the page are modified the
network with friends! They
CD-ROM. He only need to
very moment this page is
can even upload files to you
insert a CD with Server2Go
requested on the server.
thanks to the DAV server! Do
under the supported Windows
LinkFreeze is also safe for
you have a module you always
operations systems. The
your current applications
use? Why not install it?
server starts automaticly
and backward links as all
Just drop it into the
and opens a browser with the
old dynamic links remain
modules dir and update the
Website of the CD-ROM
config file.
Server2Go supports PHP5.1,
Perl, SQLite and MySQL.

Date: Jun, 28 2006

Date: Jul, 04 2005

Date: Aug, 08 2006

Date: Nov, 16 2006
ZazouMiniWebServer is a
Alchemy Eye is a system
Load Testing Tool for Web
SDServer is an Internet
simple webserver. It can
management tool that
Applications. When high-end
remote control server which
serve static and dynamic
continuously monitors server
products are too expensive,
allows you to remotely
pages. It is compatible with
availability and
when cheap and open source
control a PC from a Web
php and a lot of other
performance. In the event of
products are too limited,
browser at any location in
languages through the use of
network errors, Alchemy Eye
use the best middle-range
the world. At Web browser,
handlers. The new 1.0
can alert the network
tool: NeoLoad. Very easy to
your mouse and keyboard
version now supports HTTPS
administrator by cell phone
use (no scripting) but can
control the computer so you
and come with a tray
or pager BEFORE problems get
design advanced scenarios to
can work on the computer
application. It doesn't
seriously out of hand. This
handle real world
just as if you were sitting
need any installation, comes
helps protect your company's
applications. Answers to
right at it. It is the
with php, mysql, sqlite,
data and reduces the
these questions: how many
fastest and simplest way to
phpmyadmin, sqlitemanager
likelihood of costly network
users does my site handle?
capture the action from your
and webalizer. Though, the
failures. If a server goes
Will my site crash under
desktop screen into standard
download is only 9Mb. It
down, Alchemy Eye
load? What are the response
AVI movie files, and it is
can run from your hard
automatically notifies the
times? Download it now! Make
an ideal tool for on-line
drive, a usb key or a cd.
network administrator.
your first test in 10
training and tutoring.
It's free software, with
mn. Key features: -
source code available under
Browser based recorder:
the GPL license.
Simply browse your
ZazouMiniWebServer is also
application to record your
available as a windows dll
scenario - System
(less than 400kB for the
Monitoring: Get statistics
webserver) to be included in
from your servers (CPU,
your own applications.
Memory, ) - Data
The website includes a
replacement: Log in the
link to a ZMWS package
virtual users with different
including MySQL-5. It's
accounts, submit forms
definitely easy to try this
changing the values - Data
major version of our
extraction: Extract
favourite DBMS with ZMWS.
generated links and forms -
Just double click it and
Content validation: Check
you're done, without
page content under load -
installing anything !
Reporting: Generate a test
report (HTML/PDF/XML) -
SSL: Record and replay
secured pages. - IP
Spoofing: Mandatory to test
IP based load balancers

Date: Apr, 12 2006

Date: Nov, 14 2006

Date: Mar, 07 2005

Date: Apr, 30 2005
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