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Axessh Windows SSH Client

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Private Shell

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Axessh is a Windows SSH
WRQ Reflection and Reflection
PuTTY is a free
Private Shell is an easy to
client. It is a superb
for the Web let you access
implementation of Telnet and
configure SSH client for
terminal emulator/telnet
diverse hosts. Reflection
SSH for Win32 platforms,
Windows. Need to establish
client for Windows. It
provides a complete terminal
along with an xterm terminal
an SSH connection to CVS?
provides SSH capabilities to
and host emulator that
Want to protect your e-mails
Axessh without sacrificing
allows web- and
from being
any of existing
Windows-based access to IBM,
"sniffed" by your
functionality. Furthermore,
HP, UNIX and OpenVMS systems.
local network hackers?
Axessh has been developed
Private Shell with a useful
entirely outside of the USA,
autoconfiguration option,
and can be sold anywhere in
SHH tunneling and Secure FTP
the world (apart from places
(SFTP) client is more than a
where people aren't allowed
simple SSH client. It helps
to own cryptographic
to protect data while
software). SSH is the
working with the MySQL
industry standard for remote
server or VNC cross-platform
remote control system.
Support for profiles allows
keeping custom settings for
different servers you work
with, and the included key
agent software provides a
convenient way to manage
user authentication keys.
System administrators will
find the silent installation
feature useful to install
Private Shell over a local
network. The recent version
of Private Shell supports
SSH1 and SSH2 protocols, DSA
and RSA host key algorithms,
AES, Twofish, 3DES,
Blowfish, Arcfour, CAST-128
ciphers, and SHA1, MD5 MACs.
It emulates many popular
terminal types and could be
minimized to tray. Download
a free version now and
receive prompt support from
the Private Shell Group

Date: Mar, 14 2006

Date: Aug, 19 2003

Date: Apr, 16 2001

Date: Mar, 03 2004
SecureTE SUITE is an SSH1 and
A fast, powerful and
SecureCRT combines the secure
CRT is a reliable terminal
SSH2 client that provides
inexpensive telnet client
login and data transfer
emulator for Windows® that's
maximum security and
application. TN3270 Plus
capabilities of Secure
easy to use and highly
flexibility when connecting
connects Windows PCs to IBM
Shell™ (SSH®) with the
customizable. Building on
to remote UNIX or Linux
mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX
reliability, usability and
the highest quality VT100,
based servers. The companion
systems via TCP/IP. TN3270
configurability of a proven
VT102, VT220, ANSI, and SCO
file transfer application
Plus delivers 3270, 5250,
Windows terminal emulator.
ANSI emulations, CRT
allows secure file
VT100, VT220 and ANSI
Key features include: One
provides plenty of
synchronization between
terminal emulation and 3287
client supports SSH1, SSH2,
productivity features like
Windows and secure servers.
and 5250 printer emulation.
telnet, serial and other
named sessions and multiple
Use these tools to acheive
Advanced features include
protocols, Secure Shell
session windows. CRT 3.0
extremely secure SCP and
keyboard mapping, multiple
encrypted login, session
comes with an extensive set
SFTP connections to your
sessions, macros, scripts,
data, and data encryption,
of configuration options and
UNIX / Linux servers.
Port forwarding securely
specialized features such
SSH and SSL. All packaged in
tunnels SMTP, POP, other
as: New SCO ANSI terminal
a lightweight, reliable and
TCP/IP data, ZModem file
and keyboard emulation,
easy to use product.
transfer, Fully
Connect dialog supports
customizable sessions, X11
nested folders to organize
forwarding, and more.
hundreds of sessions,
Revised Session and Global
Options panels for easier
access to settings,
Scripting support for
VBScript, JavaScript and
PerlScript lets you automate
CRT sessions, Session
keyboard mapping lets you
map any key combination
without keymap files, Create
Shortcut command creates
Desktop shortcuts for
sessions automatically,
Printers can be set by
session or use global
definition, and Full Screen

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