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Networking Tools


Net Orbit

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z/Scope Classic

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Link Commander

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Do you suspect employee or
RDM+ (Remote Desktop for
z/Scope Classic is a SSL/SSH
Link Commander is a unique
student network abuse?
Mobiles) allows you to
enabled multi-session
fully-automated, bookmarks
Increase productivity by
access remotely your desktop
terminal emulator for
manager that allows you to
supervising your entire
or laptop computer from Java
accessing AS/400 iSeries,
surf the web more easily!
network. Watch employee or
powered phones and Symbian
IBM Mainframes and UNIX
Sort bookmarks basing on an
student screens
mobiles. You can send and
hosts under Windows
extensive set of criteria,
simultaneously. Visually
receive emails, surf web,
platforms. z/Scope is solid,
set individual link
pinpoint problem individuals
edit documents in word
fast, secure, inexpensive
verification options, share
with ease. Send users a
processor, copy, cut, paste
and provides users with
your bookmarks with others
message, lock their PC or
files or folders and do
state-of-the-art interfaces.
and synchronize bookmarks
take FULL control with your
hundreds other things that
z/Scope Classic will take
between two computers!
mouse and keyboard. Perform
you typically do sitting in
your terminal emulation
Download a FREE trial
various admin commands such
front of your home or office
experience to a superior
version now and experience
as Lock, Reboot or Shut Down
computer. Interface is
level! z/Scope is a new
true comfort!
PC's. Commands can be
user-friendly and navigation
concept in terminal
performed on some or all
is simple.
emulation solutions, ideal
workstations. Get their
to replace the old, heavy
attention fast!
and expensive ones!

Date: Jan, 03 2007

Date: Jan, 02 2007

Date: Dec, 24 2006

Date: Dec, 20 2006
PowerCmd is an advanced
Kiwi Log Viewer for Windows
Right Web Monitor is a handy
Alchemy Network Monitor
windows management and
is a freeware application
tool for detecting changes
monitors your network
enhancement tool for
that displays text based log
in web resources (web pages,
servers and
traditional Microsoft
files in a tabular format.
files etc). It constantly
Windows Command Prompt.
Only a small section of the
monitors specified resources
applications availability
PowerCmd creates command
file is read from disk at a
and notifies you when a
and performance and
prompt in the background and
time which saves memory and
change occurs. The program
immediately alerts you if a
offered a Windows style
allows you to view a file
features the ability to
server gets out of order.
replacement. PowerCmd
that would be too big to fit
check a certain part of a
Alchemy Network Monitor can
interprets commands through
in memory. The tail option
monitored resource, and
also perform certain actions
Windows Command Prompt and
monitors the specified log
includes a comprehensive
(e.g. launch an external
have more functionalities:
file for changes and
notification system (pop-up
application or execute an
Output is autosaved. You can
displays any new data that
windows,sound, e-mail),
SQL query) when a server
easily manage command prompt
is added in real time.
proxy server support, and
stops responding to the
windows, highlight keywords,
Features colorization based
multithreaded data transfer.
programs requests and
have word find button, and
on sub-string or RegExp
Can download changed files
maintain a detailed server
autocomplete commands.
and check maiboxes.
monitoring log.

Date: Dec, 20 2006

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Date: Dec, 13 2006
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