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Image Manipulation


ScreenGrabber beta2

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Free Icon Editor

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ScreenGrabber is a simple
alimagic is an online free
Free Icon Editor works like a
Girafics3 is a general
program for creating
photo editor with simple
Swiss Army Knife of icon,
purpose graphic file viewer
screenshots from the PC's
tools to basic tools which
cursor manipulation.
and manipulator that can
desktop and it's content.
you can access to
Features find, manage icons
open a vast variety of
The whole idea of the
internet. alimagic don't
on your system,
graphic formats! It also
program was to make it as
need to any plugin or
image-editing features such
has a other tricks to amuse
simple as possible, yet
software, and it's relative
as effects, filters,
you including creating
usefull enough for most
with all browsers. in the
rotation, cropping, as well
shaped regions that can be
people. I have been using
future you can upload your
as a huge color palette,
used to great effect in
lots of different programs
images result on flicker the
easy-to-use editor that has
creating and setting
to create screenshots with,
biggest picture
all the functions for
interesting wallpaper.
I've even used the
gallery create new
creating/editing ICO, ANI,
Graphics can be easily and
PrintScreen button and then
image merge photos with
quickly resized or sections
pasted the image into Paint
them severance photos with
TGA, and WBMP files, image
cut, cropped, copied and
or other graphics programs
layer box write text on
filters, including Blurring,
pasted then saved in one of
to then save it. But I
photos by ability to change
Sharpening, Embossing, , and
the standard formats.
thought that was kinda
fonts colors and... blur,
Color Balance, image
Girafics3 is a perfect tool
tedious. So I came up with
grayscale, colorize and...
for web designers where the
the GeoTrail ScreenGrabber.
filters opacity control,
graphic can be placed over a
The program isn't 100%
color overaly, strukture,
web page and quickly resized
finished as of yet so major
drop shadow and... control
or cropped to fit. It has
changes will probably be
brightness and
other tools and options
done to the coding and
contrast easy crop
which together create a
layout before it's final
image create
multi functional graphics
release some time soon. A
rectangles... and... with
tool that can be a great
few extra features will also
advanced color picker to
asset in your desktop
be added, amongst those
genereate unlimite colors
planned are audio when a
run alimagic and start edit
file is captured and saved.
your photos online.
Ability to save captured
image with different user
specified filenames,
including different file

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Date: Nov, 02 2006
Use this website image maker
Draw your own favicon or icon
RoboRealm provides you with
Distortit is a simple image
tool to create website
online for free using this
an interactive and
morphing tool, that allows
snapshot. It grabs the page
entirely web-based, non-Java
experimentation vision
you to create funny
from specified URL, saves it
icon generator. All you need
system to investigate the
variations of pictures by
on your server as image
is a modern web browser like
very complex world of image
applying magnification
(png, jpg, or gif),
Firefox. The tool creates a
analysis and image
effects to selected areas.
generates thumb image from
16x16 pixel icon in 16
processing. Through an easy
You can select the level of
it, and outputs site thumb
colors with optional
to use analysis pipeline you
magnification and simply
in the browser. Images are
can add image processing
click your mouse to apply
cached, custom cache time.
filters to translate an
the effect. With some
image into robotic
imagination and suitable
movements, computer actions,
images, you can create some
or just plain fun! RoboRealm
funny effects and save the
is free to download! New
new image as BMP or JPG file.
Features: - New tutorials
at http://www.roborealm.com/
tutorials.php - Speak and
listen to voice commands -
Communicate with the Lego
Mindstorm - Distribute
image processing over many
machines - Extensions
examples in C#, VB, VB.Net,
Python and Java - Parallel
Port interface Check out
our website for more ...

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