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WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows
WinZip, the original and most
7-Zip supports a number of
characters are vital to
version of RAR Archiver, the
popular compression utility,
other compression (and
enabling us to develop and
powerful archiver and
is a powerful and
non-compression) archive
maintain our web projects
archive manager. Main
easy-to-use tool that
formats. These supported
but they can also be a drain
features are very strong
quickly zips and unzips your
formats include ZIP,
on our bandwidth when our
general and multimedia
files to conserve disk space
Microsoft cabinet (CAB)
projects move from
compression, solid
and greatly reduce email
files, RAR, ARJ, gzip,
development to production.
compression, archive
transmission time. WinZip
bzip2, LHA, tar, cpio, rpm
This online tool allows
protection from damage,
seamlessly integrates with
and Debian deb archives.
comments and unnecessary
processing of ZIP and other
Windows and provides AES
7-Zip also supports ISO
whitespace characters to be
non-RAR archives, scanning
encryption to keep your
CD/DVD images.7-Zip can also
removed without breaking the
archives for viruses,
files secure. Now available
open any file format that
functionality of the file.
programmable self-extracting
in Standard or Pro, offering
uses a supported compression
By using this tool you can
archives(SFX), authenticity
new Explorer-style and
get the most benefit from
verification, NTFS and
thumbnail view, CD/DVD
your available bandwidth.
Unicode support, strong AES
burning and Zip task
encryption and multivolume
automation for easy data

Date: Dec, 20 2006

Date: Dec, 13 2006

Date: Nov, 16 2006

Date: Nov, 14 2006
After adding images to your
Now you can manage
File Splitter is a great tool
HTML Compressor is Fast and
Powerpoint presentation,
Zips/Rars/Tar/GZ Files with
for splitting files to fit
Will effectively compress
your Powerpoint file (PPT)
one 100% free software
onto disks or use in emails.
Your html files while
may become very large. This
Utility UltraUnzip. Spyware
Split it with File Splitter
preserving your meta tags.
article describes how to use
Free. Manage files from the
and send it in chunks. Has
HTML Compressor makes it
Office XP's built-in feature
Windows Explorer with ease.
settings for splitting for
easy to compress your html
to compress pictures in the
floppies, small email, good
files. 2 different
presentation and reduce the
size email and big files. Or
algorithms to compress
file size. Several
you can choose your custom
files, ZIP (LZSS + Huffman)
alternative solutions are
size. After splitting
compress and HTML (LZSS
also presented for older
you just click Join Files
only) compress 3
versions of Office.
then choose one main file
different compression levels
and it puts it back together
for HTML compress, Fast,
for you.
Normal, and High Super
fast compression in both
algorithms, the
decompression process of
both ZIP and HTML compress
takes almost no time in
small files (1 to 30 KB)
Allows password protection
of HTML files, this
protections doesn't stores
the password, it uses a
CRC32 checksum calculation
to determine if the password
is correct Program can
preserve the meta tags of
the HTML file so it can be
accessible to search
engines Program can save
backups of compressed file
in the Backups folder
Shows full compression
statistics that includes
filename, size, packed size
and compression ratio

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Date: Aug, 23 2006
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