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VORX Toolkit

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XML Sitemap Maker

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RSS Feed Maker

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Navicat PostgreSQL GUI

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VORX Toolkit is a flexible
XML Sitemap Maker is a
RSS Feed Maker is a windows
This PostgreSQL GUI
and ever-expanding system to
windows program that allows
program that allows you to
management tool features an
assist developers with
you to create sitemaps to
create lists of documents to
intuitive interface and
common tasks, such as
submit to search engines
create and upload RSS
provides a set of useful
calculating md5sums,
that support them.XML
Feed files to your website.
tool to manage, backup/
generating random strings,
Sitemaps are one of the best
restore, import/ export
and much more. The focus
ways to let search engines
data, Synchronize database
is on providing an
know about the pages on your
and connect to remote
accessible, easy-to-use
site in detail.They allow
PostgreSQL server, etc.
interface which developers
you to specify the
Some of the major features
can use to quickly get
importance of each page, the
include: - Visual Query
frequency which they should
Builder - SSH and HTTP
download them and the last
Tunnel for remote database
time you modified them.
connection - Database
transfer from server to
server - Data and Structure
Synchronization - Data
backup and restore - Report
Builder - Import/ Export of
most popular data formats to
and from PostgreSQL - Tasks
Scheduling and Easy-to-use
wizards tool To simplify
data migration, Navicat's
helpful wizards will walk
you through the steps of
migrating CSV, DBF, TXT, XML
data or other data formats
to/ from PostgreSQL.
Navicat for MySQL can be
downloaded at:

Date: Jan, 02 2007

Date: Dec, 18 2006

Date: Dec, 18 2006

Date: Dec, 07 2006
Simple webpage cloaking
Simple and quick way to check
Take control of your source
Take control of your
checker. Enter the webpage
your site for basic SEO. See
code, web pages and other
projects, source code, web
url to check the site
if your site has some of the
files with DiffMerge. Use it
pages and other files with
contents from a browser or
important tags for best site
to compare, understand and
ProjectDiff. Use it to
from the google bot
combine different file
compare, understand and
(googlebot). Quick and easy
versions. DiffMerge is
combine different project
to use.
highly useful for software
versions and file
developers, web designers
versions. ProjectDiff is
and other professionals. The
highly useful for software
tight integration between
developers, web designers
folder and file comparison
and other professionals. The
makes it easy to identify
tight integration project,
and review every change in
folder and file comparison
every source file, even when
makes it easy to identify
comparing source hierarchies
and review every change in
containing thousands of
every source file, even when
files. Whether you are
comparing source hierarchies
working with multiple
containing thousands of
revisions of files or need
files. Whether you are
to keep multiple folder
working with multiple
hierarchies in sync,
revisions of projects and
DiffMerge could help save
files or need to keep
time and reduce errors by
multiple folder hierarchies
helping you to work quickly
in sync, ProjectDiff could
and accurately.
help save time and reduce
errors by helping you to
work quickly and
accurately. ProjectDiff
makes it easy to track the
dynamics of your projects.
It supports most popular
projects: Visual Studio;
Visual C++; eMbedded Visual
C++; Visual Basic; Visual
J++; Delphi; C++Builder.

Date: Dec, 05 2006

Date: Dec, 05 2006

Date: Dec, 01 2006

Date: Dec, 01 2006
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