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Universal SQL Editor

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Links Wizard 4

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MS SQL Maestro

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SQLite Maestro

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Universal SQL Editor is a
Links Wizard is a must to
MS SQL Maestro is a powerful
SQLite Maestro is a powerful
powerful, yet easy-to-use
have tool for any web
Windows GUI solution for SQL
Windows GUI solution for
graphical tool for all
developer, webmaster, web
Server administration and
SQLite administration and
database developers. It
programmer. If you own a web
database management. MS SQL
database management. SQLite
allows you to connect any
directory and need to
Maestro supports for SQL
Maestro supports for all
ODBC compliant databases,
populate it with some
Server 2000/2005 versions,
SQLite versions from 2.8 to
such as Oracle, DB2, SQL
relevant links, then Links
and all of the most
3.x.x, and all of the most
Server, etc., and edit SQL
Wizard is the right tool for
important SQL Server
important SQLite features,
scripts and queries with
you. You can pull thousands
features, including XML data
including check constraints,
code completion, syntax
of search results from any
type and XML indexes
index sort ordering and
highlighting, SQL
search engine, and links
support, availability of
index collating sequence.
formatting, plus other
from any web page with just
schemas, support for CRL
useful features that allow
few clicks. Check your
Procedures, synonyms,
you to work more efficiently.
entire web directory for
assemblies, symmetric and
broken links, unwanted and
asymmetric keys,
banned links, hidden
certificates, also provided
redirects, server errors,
support of new logins types.
and more. Links Wizard can
save your time by at least
50% with its advanced
searching tools. You can
check your entire TGP for
broken links, galleries that
arent there anymore,
galleries that dont link
back to your site, URLs that
redirect your visitors, get
rid of galleries with
unwanted and banned content
and more! Links Wizard is
"as flexible as
possible" WYSIWYG tool,
that uses Regular
Expressions and plain text
matching to its full
potential. You can
reconfigure it to fit your
needs, no matter what you're
going to do with your links.

Date: Jan, 09 2007

Date: Dec, 21 2006

Date: Dec, 16 2006

Date: Dec, 16 2006
MaxDB Maestro is a powerful
Oracle Maestro is a powerful
Firebird Maestro is a
PostgreSQL Maestro is a
Windows GUI solution for
Windows GUI solution for
powerful solution for the
high-quality Windows GUI
MaxDB administration and
Oracle administration and
Firebird server
admin tool for PostgreSQL
database management. MaxDB
database management. Oracle
administration and
server management, control
Maestro supports for all
Maestro supports for all
development. It allows you
and development.
MaxDB versions from 7.6 and
Oracle versions from 9.x to
to create, edit, copy,
PostgreSQL Maestro allows
higher, and all of the most
10.x, and all of the most
extract and drop all the
you to create, edit, copy,
important MaxDB features,
important Oracle features,
database objects such as
extract and drop all the
including database
including users, views,
tables, views, procedures,
database objects such as
functions, procedures,
triggers, functions,
domains, generators, etc.,
schemas, tables, views,
domains, sequences,
procedures, synonyms,
build queries visually,
functions, domains, rules,
synonyms, etc.
packages, sequences, types,
execute queries and SQL
sequences, languages,
jobs, collections, queues,
scripts, view and edit data
operators, etc., build
clusters, tablespaces, etc.
including BLOBs, represent
queries visually, execute
data as diagrams, export and
queries and SQL scripts,
import data to/from most
view and edit data including
popular file formats, manage
BLOBs, represent data as
Firebird users and their
diagrams, export and import
privileges, and use a lot of
data to/from most popular
other tools designed for the
file formats, manage
easiest and most efficient
PostgreSQL roles, users,
work with Firebird Server.
groups and their privileges,
Please consider the short
and use a lot of other tools
list of Firebird Maestro
designed for the easiest and
features below: support
most efficient work with
for all Firebird versions
PostgreSQL Server. Please
from 1.0 to 2.0 easy
consider the short list of
PostgreSQL Maestro 6.5 main
management particular
features below: support
database object
for all PostgreSQL server
management user-friendly
versions from 7.3 to
interface building and
8.1 easy database
executing queries original
management particular
database object
management powerful BLOB
management user-friendly
viewer/editor data export
interface building and
module data import module
executing queries original
management powerful BLOB
viewer/editor data export

Date: Dec, 16 2006

Date: Dec, 16 2006

Date: Dec, 08 2006

Date: Dec, 08 2006
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