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ME Macro Independence

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Ace Operator

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Macro Independence lets you
Ornprodukter offer this
e-Contacto.com is an e-CRM
Ace Operator enables live
create macros to control
popular and useful bandwidth
solution, that allows you to
interactions between company
your Windows applications,
support tool for any ISP or
provide customer/visitor
representatives and
automate program processes
site offering Internet
support, online and in real
customers from the company
and assign tasks to
services, used all around
time. Integration only
web site. It allows
scheduled events. With
the world. Make it simple
requires a unique HTML line
customers to contact live
keyboard-mouse macro
for your customers
of code. Try the free
agents at the click of the
recorder, and player
(visitors) to compare speed
version (fully functioning)
button, engage in
designed to help you
in real-time over Internet
and increase customer
interactive conversation and
eliminate repetitive
with XPeedoMeter 2005
satisfaction along with
exchange information using
operations. Macro
Edition bandwidth
multi-media content. It also
Independence could
speedometer test. [TIP: Link
allows companies to monitor
communicate with interface
in xpeedometer tests found
visitors to their web site
I/O by COM Port, Ethernet,
by www.google.com for your
and initiate a conversation.
or other hardware devices.
customers to compare].
It is an excellent tool for
Typical Macro Independence
low-cost pre-sales support
is self operated software
and any kind of customer
for Independence PC System.
services over the web. And,
best of all, it is one of
the most affordable
solutions around. Ace
Operator has excellent
support for running it in a
hosted environment. ASPs,
ISPs and web hosting
companies can host Ace
Operators for their clients
to create an additional
source of revenue.

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Date: Apr, 09 2005
An accurate online mortgage
We offer all professional
Bocazas Live Support allows
Breathe some life into your
and home loan calculator,
freelancers’ customize
you to communicate with your
digital world with Flash
with the caculation results
scripts, template, banner,
web site visitors providing
Livehelp and watch your
showing you your monthly
logo, shopping cart, graphic
instant support. You can
sales soar. What makes our
borrowing power.
design, website (in HTML,
monitor your visits and know
system unique is that in
PHP, C, C++, Java, ASP,
where on your website they
addition to the Livehelp
ASP.NET, C#, javascript,
are at any moment. By
Administrator you will
xhtml, css etc.)…. You just
Interacting with them, you
receive a flash web
need to post all your
boost your revenues and
client(swf) which you can
requirements as a project to
build customer loyalty. The
post on your web site and/or
us. Our 300+ freelancers
program allows you to send
web auctions PLUS a flash
will bid and do it for you.
images or files, navigate
desktop client(exe) which
Freelancers want to bid
with the customer and send
can be distributed to
a project are welcome to
html rich content. You will
customers, clients,
join. Joining and bidding
be able to guide the
family and friends via CD,
are FREE
customer through the site
download or email. Setup in
and close a deal before he
minutes, no monthly fees.
decides to close the
Requires 1 MySQL database
browser. It will provide you
and PHP. Try the web client
with the necesary
now at Flash-catalogs.com.
competitive advantage.

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