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Ace Operator

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Bocazas Live Support

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Ace Operator enables live
With AnswerChat you can track
Bocazas Live Support allows
chatFUSE is a live web-based
interactions between company
and chat with the visitors
you to communicate with your
chat software using
representatives and
to your website(s). See who
web site visitors providing
php/MySQL and can be
customers from the company
is on your site(s) and see
instant support. You can
configured with any spoken
web site. It allows
what search engine and
monitor your visits and know
language. With chatFUSE you
customers to contact live
search term they used to
where on your website they
can chat one on one with any
agents at the click of the
find your site. Chat with
are at any moment. By
visitor on your website or
button, engage in
your site's visitors and
Interacting with them, you
they can initate a chat with
interactive conversation and
turn them into customers.
boost your revenues and
you. An easy to use
exchange information using
AnswerChat is the low-cost
build customer loyalty. The
interface allows you to
multi-media content. It also
customer service solution.
program allows you to send
manage multiple chats at
allows companies to monitor
No plug-ins or add-on
images or files, navigate
one-time. chatFUSE also
visitors to their web site
software are required for
with the customer and send
integrates with digiSHOP
and initiate a conversation.
visitors to your site(s).
html rich content. You will
Shopping Cart Software to
It is an excellent tool for
All they need a browser with
be able to guide the
allow to see which customers
low-cost pre-sales support
java enabled. The fully
customer through the site
are in the process of
and any kind of customer
functional free 30 day trial
and close a deal before he
shopping/ordering on your
services over the web. And,
version available.
decides to close the
site and you can view the
best of all, it is one of
browser. It will provide you
shopper's shopping cart
the most affordable
with the necesary
contents at any time. The
solutions around. Ace
competitive advantage.
administrator can restrict
Operator has excellent
IP addresses, manage
support for running it in a
departments, operator
hosted environment. ASPs,
ratings, detail reports and
ISPs and web hosting
companies can host Ace
Operators for their clients
to create an additional
source of revenue.

Date: Apr, 09 2005

Date: Mar, 15 2002

Date: Mar, 22 2004

Date: Nov, 30 -1
Customer service software
COMMUNICATE - Brings life to
Add your own services and
We offer all professional
that interfaces with
your WEB SITE AquaSoft LTD.
prices.You can add your
freelancers’ customize
clickchatsold.com for live
has developed a unique
merchant account for billing
scripts, template, banner,
support and chat with your
"no download"
profile Authorize.net and
logo, shopping cart, graphic
customers, with an easy to
software product that
paypal automated billing
design, website (in HTML,
install and use interface.
recognizes ALL the users
system. you can mail out
PHP, C, C++, Java, ASP,
Features: Instant proactive
visiting a website and
invoice paid confirmation.
ASP.NET, C#, javascript,
communication with your
enables full communication
You can have your clients
xhtml, css etc.)…. You just
visitors, Remote Browser
between webmaster and
upload files to your
need to post all your
Control (Web Page
surfers and among the
appliance for safe and
requirements as a project to
Redirection), Easily
surfers themselves.AquaSoft
convenient retrieval from
us. Our 300+ freelancers
Customizable interface and
LTD has named the software
anywhere is the world. No
will bid and do it for you.
greeting/Away messages, Chat
more file diving! private
Freelancers want to bid
Buttons on site and emails,
message to your client and
a project are welcome to
Compatible with any web
the client can send private
join. Joining and bidding
sites, and Works on
messages to you. you will
are FREE
"shared" Web
store your clients credit
hosting service.
card numbers in an encrypted
folder where they can be
stored for billing monthly,
Quarterly, Every 6 Months,
Yearly. Whatever you set up
in your clients profile.
Assign client as many
services as they have with
you. Access your client from
anywhere with this web based
web site software. All the
components yo need to
organize your business on
line. Access all your
clients and all there info
on one panel. On your web

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Date: Jul, 22 2003

Date: Oct, 27 2006

Date: Aug, 08 2004
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