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Fax Thru Email

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Collanos Workplace Mac OS X

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Mac Mass Mailer

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CTI Data Connector

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Fax Thru Email lets you send
Collanos team-enables
Fully-featured mac mass
You would like to dial
and receive faxes anywhere,
computers. Collanos helps
mailer for Apple Macintosh
directly from your
anytime, from any computer
information-overloaded teams
computer. It offers
application and see who is
all you need is an Internet
with software that enables
everything you need to
calling - even pop up the
connection and email. Say
easy access, updating and
create and maintain mailing
customer file? Your address
goodbye to the hassle and
sharing of team knowledge
lists for different needs
information is stored in
expense of a fax machine and
via peer-to-peer
and send mass messages
different databases (ERP,
discover a more affordable
synchronization, online and
directly form your Mac at a
CRM, Marketing or
and flexible alternative.
offline. Collanos Workplace
very high speed. It uses
MS-Outlook). The solution is
Your Web-based manager
base version is free.
Apple Mail's message
CTI Data Connector. CDC
lets you view and manage
Collaboration has never been
delivery framework to
connects your applications
your Fax Thru Email history,
more simple, secure and
deliver your messages. This
with CTI Servers and phone
including sent and received
practical. Within minutes
means that 100 percent of
systems. For additional
faxes, account information,
you can be sharing
your email messages will get
information see
help, and billing details.
documents, having online
delivered properly to
www.CTI-Data-Connector.co m
Plus, it's all done securely
discussions, and managing
recipient mailboxes as if
your incoming, outgoing,
tasks, all in a single,
they were delivered by Apple
and personal information
consolidated space.
Mail in a regular way.
remains completely
confidential. Receive
faxes from anywhere in the
world. Send faxes anywhere
in North America and Canada,
up to 30MB in size, from any
email program. Create and
customize your own cover
sheet. Fax files from your
computer or your Online File
Folder account. Receive
email confirmations so you
know your fax went through.
View your Fax History to see
a record of all incoming and
outgoing faxes. Fax to your
hotel's fax on the road to
print documents.

Date: Dec, 29 2006

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Date: Dec, 22 2006
Reach-a-Mail is a USB based
CommFort is a client-server
This plugin tells you if your
AY Mail is a desktop
portable email client. From
chat with voice chat support
Yahoo! buddies are actually
application designed to send
now on, your e-mail will
designed for use in local
offline or just pretending
bulk email to your customers
always be with you no matter
networks. It combines all
to be offline. This plugin
or clients. Thousands of
where you are. All you need
attributes of the best
is the first of its kind.
businesses around the world
is a USB drive to receive
network communication
Plugin updates automatically
have chosen AY Mail for
and send e-mail from any
utility, such as
whenever the newer version
their email communications.
computer without the need to
channels-based chat, user
is available. Please visit
Why choose AY Mail? Take
install any software. You
profiles, file and folder
the site for installation
control over your mailings.
save a lot of time thanks to
transfers, sound
You can fully customize your
Reach-a-Mail, as well as
notification system and 100
messages and precisely
keep your e-mail
graphical emoticons. The
target your recipients. Save
correspondence private
program has a well-rounded
money. You only pay for the
leaving nothing in a
user interface, which is
software once and can use it
computer. You will be
easy to work for both
without any limitations and
impressed by the easiness
experienced users and chat
extra fees. It is very easy
and simplicity of user's
to start using AY Mail and
send your first mailing. But
with time, you learn how to
use advanced features and
take your emailing into a
new level you never thought

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